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Being a Better Geek: Giant Robo and Weird NJ, Vol 1

Posted on 27 March 2015

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Castle Point Anime Con 2015 Preview

Posted on 25 March 2015

This year Vinnie and DM will be returning to Castle Point Anime Con is Hoboken, NJ. Vinnie will be presenting 2 panels this year:

Some things that Vinnie is looking forward to include:

VA-CPAC schedule

Some things that DM is looking forward to (and yes they look a lot like Vincenzo’s but he has good taste sometimes):

9:30am –  10:30am D Good Morning Castle Point K 228
Moderators: Ian Rubin
 10:30am –  11:30am P The importance of representation in media BC 320
Moderators: Cassaddee Sicherer, Evelin Stavnitser
 11:00am –  12:00pm P 70s Anime Funtime BC 219
Moderators: Vincenzo Averello
 12:00pm –  5:00pm C Tenshi no Ai Maid Cafe Hayden Lounge
 12:30pm –  1:30pm P The Con is Alive with the Sounds of Anime! BC 204
Moderators: Vincenzo Averello, Ink
  1:00pm –  2:00pm P Insight Into The Manga Industry With Yen Press Editor BC 219
Moderators: Justin Stroman, Abigail Blackman
  2:00pm –  3:30pm P Poetry in Anime: The Power of Words in a Visual Medium BC 320
Moderators: Ink
  3:00pm –  4:00pm G Anime Trivia with Prizes! P 120

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Comics: What Did You Eat Yesterday, Ajin: Demi-human, Alex + Ada, and Ms. Marvel

Posted on 13 February 2015

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Anime Secret Santa – DM: Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Posted on 24 December 2014

Sorry about the change in format, this episode won’t make it to iTunes so this is a blog exclusive. To finish the Hat Trick DM reviewed 2012 TV series directed by Sayo Yamamoto, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.

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Anime Secret Santa – DM: Summer Wars

Posted on 24 December 2014

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