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Castle Point Anime Con 2014 (CPAC 2014)

Posted on 23 June 2014 by VinnieAve

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Best of 2012 Part II

Posted on 16 January 2013 by VinnieAve

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Podcast: Post-Apocypse Media!

Posted on 26 December 2012 by VinnieAve

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Podcast: X-Cutioner’s Song, Macross Plus, Gamescon News

Posted on 06 September 2012 by VinnieAve

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Team Fortress 2 – Still Alive

Posted on 14 August 2012 by Jessica Dunn

Valve has announced that they will be rolling out yet another free update to the free-to-play first person shooter, Team Fortress 2.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is the deal with TF2 – the game was originally released in 2007  as part of the original Orange Box, which also included titles like Half-Life 2 and the first Portal game.  Since then, TF2 has gone free-to-play, presumably completely supported by the item shop which sells in-game items for real cash.  So, five years after its original release, this free game is still pumping out massive content.

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Humble Bundle: Mojam! LIVE!

Posted on 18 February 2012 by Jessica Dunn

Humble Bundle

Theres a new Humble Bundle going on right now, but this one is a bit different – its a Mojam.  Mojang, developer of the cube-tastic hit Minecraft, and their friends at Oxeye Game Studio and Wolfire Games are developing games over the weekend for the cause.  The added bonus is that you can watch them build the games live – I was just watching someone at Mojang making a spinning coin animation.

If you don’t already know, the Humble Bundle is a pay-what-you-want bundle of indie games raising money for charity.  The charities the bundle is raising money for right now are Child’s Play, charity:water, American Red Cross, and Electronic Frontier Foundation.  And if for some reason you don’t like one of the charities, don’t let that stop you from picking up a Humble Bundle, they let you choose how much of your money goes to each charity.

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Tiny Tower for Android Gets a Little Less Tiny

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Jessica Dunn

Popular iOS game, Tiny Tower, is slowly but surely being ported over to Android by Mobage.  Before yesterday, the Android version of the adorable property management game we lacking some of the feature of its iOS cousin.  Having never played the game on an iphone, I wasn’t really missing features like store upgrades or the bitbuilder until I read that I was missing out on them.  Yesterday, however, I noticed some new features in my game.  I am now able to upgrade my stores, access bitbuilder, and share a link to my tower.  I can’t find any kind of patch notes for this latest update, so I don’t know if any other updates were made to make it a bit closer to the iOS version, but I would keep an eye out for any other improvements that might have snuck their way into your tower.

Tiny Tower @ Android Market

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30 days in: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Posted on 29 January 2012 by Jessica Dunn

So, yesterday I just got the email letting me know that my Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) account was just renewed. It made me realize that I’ve been playing this game for a month now and it might be a good point to talk a little bit about it, now that I’ve really gotten a chance to feel it out. Continue Reading

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Over-Saturation of a Franchise: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted on 09 January 2012 by DM

It has been a while since I put finger to key and for my first foray in the new year, I wanted to write about something that has crossed my mind, as well as many others, which is proliferation of a work into every corner and crevice of entertainment and lifestyle items as possible. Now honestly the first thing that pops into my mind right now when I think of this is Game of Thrones.  Before anyone jumps on me too badly, it is just the first thing because of its recentness. No, we all know that if there was one thing that has been infused with our lives in a way that we may never escape, it is the Star Wars franchise.  Obviously, this saturation is not a new thing, but is it a good thing? Does it do affect a franchise in an inherently good or bad way? Alternatively, is it like so many things, it that it all depends on how it is done? Continue Reading

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The Yogsgate: Social Media & Professional Boundaries

Posted on 23 November 2011 by VinnieAve

Last week marked the official release of beloved indie game, Minecraft. To mark the occasion, developers, Mojang, held the first ever Minecon in Las Vegas. Since the cons end, I have read a few reviews from about the con, but surprising the biggest news story surrounding the con is about a falling out between the man behind Minecraft, Notch, and beloved YouTube stars, The Yogscast.

Not long after cons end, Notch took to Twitter, sharing some of his thoughts about the event, stating that he “learned who not to work with”, and apologized for “the behavior of the people we won’t work with any more”. Initially Notch did not name names, but it did not take long for him to admit that he was referring to… The Yogscast. Wait… what?!

If you don’t know who the Yogscast are, they are a team of Brits who make YouTube videos about video games. Their ongoing Minecraft series is a huge hit. The “face” of the Yogscast team is Simon and Lewis, two hilarious gents who actually do all the actual talking in the Minecraft videos, and occasionally Hannah, Lewis’ girlfriend, who also does videos sometimes. There are some behind the scenes folks, though, I admit, I don’t know a lick about them. Simon and Lewis are truly the stars of the Yogscast though, winning the hearts of viewers with their witty dialogue, sarcasm, and Simon’s funny voices – these guys are pretty lovable. Needless to say, fans were shocked to hear some of the things that Notch had to say about them.

At this point, I should mention that I am not here to take sides, though plenty of fans are already dividing themselves into two camps – Team Notch and Team Yogscast. Something obviously happened, and the Yogscast haven’t even had a chance to announce their side of the story yet (some of the team have been updating Twitter though, just to let fans know that a statement is coming, once they are less jetlagged). What I really find upsetting about this story is how it was handled by Notch.

Notch could be 100% right about the Yogscast, perhaps they are “divas” who “talk behind people’s backs” and “demand to be paid”, but why dump all this on Twitter? If you are trying to maintain a professional image by not working with people who “drop the f-bomb in front of kids” how is starting a war on Twitter much better? If Notch and Mojang do not like how the Yogscast conduct business and do not wish to work with them in the future, that is their right. As a businessman, Notch has a responsibility to conduct his business in a way which he see most fit, to maintain an image of professionalism, and to minimize sources which he deems bad for business. I can respect that. What I
can’t respect is the passive aggressive quips and subsequent mud-slinging against people who were in the middle of traveling home.

Bottom line here is that airing your dirty laundry on Twitter is the stuff of reality stars and high school kids, not business men and women in the GAMING industry! We are above this kind of behavior people (I say, somewhat hypocritically, as I insult reality stars and high school kids). There was no reason this needed to be taken to Twitter – this was a private business matter that could and should have been
resolved behind the scenes.

I am all for social media and love people able to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone who cares to read them at the drop of a hat (a fedora perhaps, wink wink), but perhaps it is becoming TOO easy. I don’t know if its right to turn this fiasco into debate on whether or not we are TOO social and TOO connected, but when we see business professionals calling colleagues “total dicks” to a feed full of fans, you can’t help but wonder if we need to take a step back and think a bit harder about where the line lies and how close we are to crossing it.

Oh, and for the record, I’m going Team Yogscast on this one. For now.


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