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News from 3/30/2015 and Castle Point Anime Con

Posted on 09 April 2015 by VinnieAve

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Otakon 2014

Posted on 14 September 2014 by VinnieAve

The Cockpit

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Vinnie’s Otakon Presentation Schedule

Posted on 31 July 2014 by VinnieAve

Hey Everybody!

It looks like the Otakon schedule is up! I will be giving 2 presentations:

  • Journey to the Stars (with Xan from the Spiraken network) at 4:15 PM on Friday in Panel 3.
  • Ninjas, Spider Women, and Cyber Criminals: The Worlds of Yoshiaki Kawajiri at 11:45 PM on Saturday in Panel 4.

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Castle Point Anime Con 2014 (CPAC 2014)

Posted on 23 June 2014 by VinnieAve

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Anime that was Shown at Anime After Toonami (AnimeBoston 2014)

Posted on 21 March 2014 by VinnieAve


Actual Panel Clips

    • Redline
    • Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
    • Yamato 2199
    • AKB0048
    • Inferno Cop
    • Little Witch Academia
    • Kill La Kill
    • Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen
    • Gundam Build Fighters
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
    • Detroit Metal City
    • Mardock Scramble: The First Compression
    • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)
    • Kick-heart
    • Pokemon Origins
    • Astrofighter Sunred
    • Golgo 13 (TV)
    • Space Dandy

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Vinnie’s Anime Boston Events

Posted on 17 March 2014 by VinnieAve

This year at Anime Boston Vinnie will be presenting 2 panels

Anime After Toonami Hynes-Panel 306 Fri 1PM

This is a new panel when I will be showing clips of some shows that keep the spirit of Toonami alive after 2008. Admittedly there will be a few things that have been shown on Toonami since it’s return.

Journey to the Star Hynes-Panel 306 Sat 1:30 PM

Since the days of Jules Verne there has been numerous works that tell the journey of us, humanity, venturing out into the stars. Join Xan from the Spiraken podcast network and Vinnie from All Geeks Considered as they explore the anime and manga which takes us on this journey.Animes classics like Space Battleship Yamato, current series like Space Dandy and a few hidden gems will be discussed in this examination of what awaits us among the stars

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1963: Astroboy (TV 1), Doctor Who: The Unearthly Child, and X-men #1-5

Posted on 04 November 2013 by VinnieAve

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Guest Appearance

Posted on 25 June 2013 by VinnieAve

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Castle Point Anime Con — Report

Posted on 10 May 2013 by VinnieAve

So even though I have lived close to Hoboken, NJ for the entire time that Castle Point Anime Con has been running (since 2008, making this the 6th year) I’ve never actually attended until now. Castle Point Anime Con is the annual 1-day anime convention run at Steven Institute of Technology. The first thing that I noticed when I arrived was the large crowd of people waiting in line to pick-up badges. This is really impressive to see such a large crowd so early in the morning (the program guide expects 2100 people to attend). The crowds were sizeable throughout the day; luckily it was a nice day so the crowds were able to expand to the nice lawns between buildings, giving it something of an AnimeNEXT feel. Something that struck me as interesting was the number of people who were blasting music out of their windows. This was pretty surprising to me since this didn’t happen during the other college con I attended, Genericon 2013, and didn’t happen too much where I lived but then again, there are no big events near the residences at Cook.

The dealer’s room at this convention was quite impressive. It wasn’t a massive room, like at Otakon (but honestly nothing is as big as Otakon’s except NYCC’s but both of those pull 5 or 6 digits of attendees). There were the usual standouts like Sci-fi Continuum, who I always manage to find something I haven’t been able to get my hands on, this time I managed to grab both Next World and Lost World by Osamu Tezuka. There was one booth that stood out to me, I neglected to get the name but they had the oddest collection of dolls and action figures I have ever seen. I was surprised to see things from Fist of the North Star but what really threw me for a loop was the presence of Cat’s Eye figures. Yes, I’m sure the one Cat’s Eye fan out there is shocked that someone is selling this stuff. I feel like they could succeed with this merchandise on eBay or at a bigger convention but the attendance of this con is too small and too young (vast majority under 35) to even know or care about those properties.

I presented a new panel at CPAC this year, What is Anime?, which I requested to have an early slot and was given one starting at 10AM, which was the first timeslot other than Opening Ceremonies. The panel wasn’t perfect and I tended to use clips that ran a little long and a little violent but other than that people were interested and ask questions. I hope to improve this panel for AnimeBoston. I expect to talk over the clips a little more and shorten them a little bit. I will be posting my notes for that panel soon.

After this I stopped in the Evil Greg Productions panel. Evil Greg Productions seems to be a group of people who make short films that are released on YouTube. I sat through part of one and that was painful enough. They really suffered from laughing too much at your own joke. It was near painful at times.

As I am sure the regular readers know I am mainly a watcher of subtitled anime. However, sometimes I find myself in a panel room with an American voice actor, this happened to me at CPAC. Two of the guests of the con were Kyle Hebert and Mike McFarland, and I decided to attend the Video Game Voice Acting Workshop. This seems crazy of me since I barely watch dubs and play even less video games. The panel had two parts, first was the standard Q&A, and second was the workshop portion, where members of the audience got to try to be voice-actors at the direction of both Kyle and Mike.

The Q&A portion was fairly tame only once did someone ask the question of “how do I take your job,” which is surprising, maybe at least people are learning that this is a terrible thing to ask. Not that much interesting came out of this part. However, the second part of this panel was a ton of fun to watch. What essentially happened was that an audience member would come up and be asked to make a few attack sounds, each stronger than the last, and a few sounds getting hit, again each stronger than the last, and finally make the sounds of dying. This was fun to watch and probably the most informative part of any voice-actor panel yet. The two of them were not particularly mean to any of the people but they went into some of the more obnoxious details of the work, like having to stand still and having someone nit-pick your work as you make silly sounds, but having to make the right silly sounds. I highly recommend this one if you see it on a con’s schedule.

So the final panel I attended was in fact my own panel, Science in Anime. This is the second time that I presented, the first time being last year at AnimeNEXT, and my co-host, Walt Amos, has taken this panel and run with it, this being his fourth time presenting, having presented at Anime Weekend Atlanta and Genericon, in the past year. This panel felt more polished than it did at AnimeNEXT and hopefully I can pull it off at AnimeBoston this year. I will
also be posting notes for this panel fairly soon.

All in all I had a great time at the con. It felt much more relaxed than say an Otakon or even AnimeNEXT. I fully hope to attend next year and present better panels next year.

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Podcast: Genericon XXVI Roundtable

Posted on 12 March 2013 by VinnieAve

Roundtable Includes:
Genericon XXVI’s Con-Chair Ani-Gamers’ & OtakuUSA’s Evan Minto
Convention VIP Vertical Inc.’s Ed Chavez
Ani-Gamers’ & OtakuUSA’s Ink
Ani-Gamers’ Dave Estrella
Convention Featured Panelist Walt Amos
Convention Featured Panelist Reverse Thieves’ Alain Mendez
Convention Guest Sci-fi Author Tim Maughan

Please note that I, Vincenzo Averello, was given a press pass by the convention free of charge. However, in no way does the convention effect the content of the podcast.

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