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Get off Joss Whedon’s Dick

Posted on 04 May 2012 by VinnieAve

First caveat: I have not yet seen The Avengers. I had an exam at 9 AM this morning so that prevented a midnight show. I will be seeing it soon though.

I read an article yesterday saying that should Star Wars get remade, Joss Whedon should do it. While I don’t think its a bad idea, he wouldn’t be me first choice. I think the idea of getting a fanboy to make a hypothetical Star Wars re-whatever might not be best. Its would just keep twisting and warping a tribute to a previous era of Scifi. Star Wars was made because George Lucas couldn’t make a Flash Gordon film. He wanted to do a re-whatever. Instead he made an “original work” that was build on a foundation of love that he had for film. We all know it took for a billion sources. Most great sci-fi/fantasy works do. If you watched Game of Thrones this past week you might of caught a Dune reference. This rant is getting a little off the road. Joss Whedon is the internet’s paramour, get over it Firefly will never come back. He’s talented, he’s doing good work, he has The Avengers, that does not mean that everything that comes out now has to have his involvement. He contributed to the fucked-up shit fest that was Alien Resurrection.

Also I admit that we will see a new Star Wars movie within the next 15 years. That doesn’t mean that GL will give up his child, and I am sure he will be one of those people who will designate an heir or block all work all together. What the hell would Joss Whedon’s Star Wars look like. He’s so built in cultural references that Star Wars would quickly devolve from a love note to scifi to a parody of what we love. I may take this all back after seeing The Avengers but I don’t think that Whedon is the right person for this job. No let’s all go watch A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back and remember why this conversation is happening at all.

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