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Evangelion Final Week

Posted on 11 August 2012 by VinnieAve

I will say this, these articles are very hard to write without spoilers and this week it is near impossible so if you do not want spoilers stop reading here, and we will do our best in the podcast to not spoil too much. Continue Reading

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Issue 1: 8/8/12

Posted on 09 August 2012 by VinnieAve

The Creep – This is technically an issue 0 but I’m going to include it here anyway. This was a nice book, it has the makings of being something to talk about. It’s a mystery book (I know we have like 20 of these things going now). The flat art style was done very well and makes the story telling great. This one I intend to get the trade of at some point.

It Girl and the Atomics – My first thought when I read this book was The Tick, which I have vague memories of as a child. The art is cool but really I’m not too into the whole super-hero parody thing so I’m going to pass on the rest of this one.

Gambit – I mentioned that I like Hawkeye last week and Gambit fills that role a little this time around. This is a nice spy book that seems sort of stand-alone, hopefully. The art is nice, a bit of a painted look which can get to look unmoving but that works here, another one I’m hoping to get the trade of.

Archer and Armstrong – We had a cool start in the book and than it kind of dropped off a little there. Nice great, but some cool action. I enjoyed what I read but I need no more.

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Otakon 2012 Podcast

Posted on 07 August 2012 by VinnieAve

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Being a Better Geek: Neon Genesis Evagelion 14-19

Posted on 04 August 2012 by VinnieAve

Shit just got real people, this is the Evangelion that people talk about, the pieces have been placed, the game is in motion.

Weaving a Story

A lot of anime pull this trope, this clip show that can be used as a way to bring viewers in, also it is a way to save money which is a hallmark of this series starting with this episode. Luckily, only the first half is a clip show. The second half was something that had been talked about from the earliest episodes but is now coming into play, using other pilots for an Eva, but it seems that the pilot and the Eva are a pair. Not a particularly strong piece in the series, a little low key after several high action episodes. Continue Reading

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Podcast: Farscape and Kickstarter

Posted on 02 August 2012 by VinnieAve

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Issue 1: August 8th

Posted on 02 August 2012 by VinnieAve

So I’ve started to realize that Vin’s Picks is a bit boring because if you read it for a few months it will just be me saying I liked the same books over and over again. So with this in mind I have changed the column to Issue 1, which will each week take a look at the first issues that came out that week. If there are no issue 1s that week I will do a Vin’s Picks. Thanks for keeping up with the site. This will also include the first chapters of manga that pop up in Shonen Jump Alpha.

Harvest – I don’t know if I’m jaded or what but this book doesn’t seem that original or interesting to me, if anything it seems like its treading ground that is pretty well traveled. This book features a doctor who on the side harvests organs for the yakuza. I art for this book is really strong, with that noir style that I enjoy but this fits in the crime books that are so prevalent at this point. I like crime books but I can only take so many a month. Continue Reading

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