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Being a Better Geek: Stephen King’s It

Posted on 27 March 2013 by VinnieAve

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The Delve: 1984

Posted on 19 March 2013 by VinnieAve

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Podcast: Genericon XXVI Roundtable

Posted on 12 March 2013 by VinnieAve

Roundtable Includes:
Genericon XXVI’s Con-Chair Ani-Gamers’ & OtakuUSA’s Evan Minto
Convention VIP Vertical Inc.’s Ed Chavez
Ani-Gamers’ & OtakuUSA’s Ink
Ani-Gamers’ Dave Estrella
Convention Featured Panelist Walt Amos
Convention Featured Panelist Reverse Thieves’ Alain Mendez
Convention Guest Sci-fi Author Tim Maughan

Please note that I, Vincenzo Averello, was given a press pass by the convention free of charge. However, in no way does the convention effect the content of the podcast.

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Tim Maughan Interview from Genericon XXVI

Posted on 06 March 2013 by VinnieAve

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