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Technology Thursday Starts Today

Posted on 30 August 2012 by dragon2777

You thought that we forgot about all the tech geeks out there, but I assure you that we did not. Starting today every Thursday will be Technology Thursday bringing you cool geek gadgets, the newest smartphone apps, geek toys and anything else that may tickle the fancy of a tech nerd.

To start things off I decided to show off a really cool toy/gadget that I just picked up from Think Geek, the Doctor Who Smart Safe.


So the idea behind it is pretty simple, but really cool. The safe uses a light sensor to detect flashes of light that your phone screen produces. On a side note does anyone remember the Microsoft Timex watch from 1994 (I do because I had one and loved it) because it used the same tactic to transfer limited information the the watch. Because it does not use Bluetooth, WiFi, or anything else that may be device or network specific that means that it will work on iPhone and Android. You can see the light sensor in the image below:

The process is simple, you put your smartphone into the top of the safe, which has a pressure sensor, and then type in your code and hit Enter. After all that the safe pops open to reveal all your goodies inside. Check out the videos below to see the safe in action:

Opening the Doctor Who Smart Safe:

Using the Doctor Who Smartphone App: (you can see the screen flash):

Something else is that it does not use predefined flashes for each number and creates flashes based on the device. That means that the code you enter does not flash on the screen but rather is a password that makes the phone flash it’s unique flashes. This is cool because that means only your phone can open the safe, even if another phone uses the same code.

In conclusion it is a really cool toy, even more so if you are a HUGE Doctor Who fan like me, just remember that it is a toy and do not put anything of real value in there.

Remember to check back next week for more Technology Thursdays.

Have an idea for a Technology Thursday shoot me an email at

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