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31 Days of Halloween October 2nd

Posted on 02 October 2012 by DM

31 Days of Halloween

Day 2: The Caller

Genre: Sci-Fi, thriller


Premise: Recently divorced Mary Kee moves into a new home where she begins to receive telephone calls from a troubled woman named Rose. It doesn’t take too long for Mary to realize that there’s more to these calls than meets the eye.


Thoughts: I turned this movie on because I thought that the premise sounded like one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. Man did I make the wrong call. The premise is sound and the directed does well in achieving a suspenseful atmosphere but for my own tastes, it went too far. The time travel aspects were strong and well done but I think the actions they have Mary take in the past move this movie into a really horrid place. Wile this movie isn’t for me I think that those of you who aren’t squeamish and find the premise of a caller from the past intriguing may find this a gem in the rough.



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