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Posted on 15 January 2013 by VinnieAve

So for 2013 I will be pick works that feature elements of space. While some of what I picked last year included space travel, this year I want to do a bit of a survey of space. To start this year off right I want to give you our readers and listeners a chance to choose what DM will be subjected to watching. To start off the first 3 choices are

  • Star Blazers Season 1- The classic anime that started American anime fandom, and still holds a place the hearts of men.
  • Cosmos: A Personal Voyage – The classic documentary series by Carl Sagan that inspired so many to go into science.
  • Cowboy Bebop- Possibly the best anime from the 1990s or all time depending on who you talk to

Just leave a comment to vote, also please be honest, don’t vote more than once. You have until I finish reading It.


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  1. Dm Says:


  2. Vince A Says:

    All I can say is:

  3. Mac Says:


  4. Ink Says:

    I was gonna say Cosmos, but then DM said Cosmos. So then I was thinking Star Blazers, but then I also though what if DM said Cosmos KNOWING that would cause the whole reverse psychology conundrum. In the end, though, I’ll stay with Cowboy Bebop, because the music and stories are awesome and no-one’s said it yet.

  5. Julie Ann Says:


  6. Sarah Hayes Says:

    Cowboy Bebop, every time.

  7. Jessica Dunn Says:

    Bada Bada Bada Badadow!

  8. Prede Says:

    Gonna have to go with Cosmos because that’s different and seems interesting *shrug*

  9. iwc マーク17 Says:

    バーバリー 時計 クロノグラフ

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