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Nominate a Show For Being a Better Geek

Posted on 09 July 2014 by VinnieAve

I’m actually at a bit of a loss for picking something to talk about next, Attack on Titan won’t be out in time for the next pick. So I’m going to do another of these poll things. It’ll be a little different though. You folks will nominate shows from which I will pick. There are a few rules those.

  • 13 or less 1/2 hour episodes
  • 7 or less 1 hour episodes
  • If other length episodes, try for an approximately the same total length
  • Books/Short Stories/Comics/Manga are all fair game assuming reasonable length
  • Dub preferred (not a deal breaker but it makes it an easier sell)
  • One nomination per person

I will pick the best few choices (3-5) and randomly pick from that. This may also work as a seed list for later picks.┬áIf there are at least 3 choices, I will pick from that list. Feel free to give a reason, that may help your case. Remember I’m picking something FOR Diego, but it’s totally fair game if I haven’t seen it.

NO Pornography

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  1. Ed, The Perv Says:

    The movie, Frankenwenie.

  2. Ink Says:

    Book vs. Movie ‘Cast: Coraline Edition

  3. xan Says:

    3×3 eyes Ova series

  4. Minovsky Says:

    Marvel’s Annihilation event. It’s the cornerstone of Modern Cosmic Marvel and timely considering it’s where the modern incarnation of Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared.

  5. VinnieAve Says:

    Given that DM works in a comic book store he may have read it, do you have a back-up suggestion.

  6. Ed, The Perv Says:

    Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
    Monster Squad
    The Alien Movies
    Blade Runner
    War Games
    Ghost in the Shell & Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
    The Fantastic Mr Fox
    Judorosky’s Dune
    Star Wars Episode 1

  7. VinnieAve Says:

    Many good ideas but you’ve already put in a submission

  8. ImpassionateK Says:

    Ping Pong the Animation

    Or the first 13 episodes of Chihayafuru

  9. Alain AKA Hisui Says:

    Welcome to the NHK the manga or the original novel. That or Planetes.

  10. VinnieAve Says:

    NHK may be cost prohibitive, and Planetes is longer than 13 episodes.

  11. VinnieAve Says:

    I will treat this as the first 13 episodes of Planetes (with potential to finish the series).

  12. Alain AKA Hisui Says:

    I meant the Planetes manga since it is only volumes.

  13. Alain AKA Hisui Says:

    5 volumes

  14. Alain AKA Hisui Says:


  15. Ink Says:

    I have the NHK manga and novel I could lend you if cost is an … issue.

  16. Ink Says:

    Also: The FP

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