Voyager Entertainment Doesn’t Care

Posted on 14 October 2014 by VinnieAve



So if you follow me on Twitter, you may remember me losing a bit of shit over having my Star Blazers 2199 vol 4 BluRay having issues with skipping. As part of this I used the contact form to ask for help.

I sent this message:
So I just finished up watching StarBlazers 2199 vol 4 but my disc was skipping. Is this an authoring issue?

Now there are obvious issues with this message but it wasn’t until today, 2 weeks later, I received a response.

Thank you for your contact. I’m sorry late reply.

Sorry We have stopped selling Discs and postponed selling vol.5 and 6.

If we start, we will announce on our Facebook and web site.

Star Blazers Customers service

This is the most useless response I have given. They essentially said they are not doing anything current, and then reminded me that they have delayed the final 2 volumes. Really they just don’t care about what is going on or their customers. They didn’t ask any follow up questions or say who would be able to help. I want to support this release but I really don’t know anymore, I love this show but this makes it hard. Thanks for reading my rant and letting me vent. Also the issue came down it possibly being related to my Blu-ray player, the disc has worked on other players.

5 Comments For This Post

  1. penguintruth Says:

    Voyager Entertainment hasn’t cared for years.

    They haven’t cared since they fired Tim Eldred, and they barely cared before that. He was doing all the heavy lifting.

  2. VinnieAve Says:

    I know, its more how impressive it is that they could put it into words themselves.

  3. Gary Says:

    here it is april of 2016 and still no word on vol 5 and 6, unless i missed it, feels like i wasted money on the 1st 4

  4. VinnieAve Says:

    At this point, I gave up hope and bought the Japanese releases of Yamato 2199.

  5. Steve Says:

    Still nothing.
    Probably just gonna suck it up and buy the Japanese BRs..

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