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Response to Robot King: A Love Letter to Mike Toole

Posted on 23 August 2011 by VinnieAve

Rarely do I rush to write an article but I want to see this get to 500 views before tomorrow. Mike Toole put this challenge to twitter to get this to 500 views. I will try to use the mighty readership of All Geeks Considered to get it there (hahaha). Here’s the video now watch it my stupid comments will follow.

This is one of the brilliant little things that come out of the internet every so often. This home made music video about a knock-off toy, in this case Robot King which is a Chinese version of Mobile Suit Double Zeta Gundam. This is not professionally done or anything but the amount of creativity and love required to make this video goes beyond anything I could imagine. Anyone can just post a picture or a video of a knock-off they found at a store but no this is something else. A song was written and sung to describe the greatness of Robot King. I have to say this toy will now be hugely popular and everyone will want Robot King. Mike Toole is one of the great pillars of anime fan community. If this is any indication of his talent, I encourage everyone to go to his panels at conventions (Dubs that Time Forgot is one but there are many others that are different at every convention) but also read The Mike Toole Show. ROBOT KING!

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