Christmas Challenge: Day Four and Five

Posted on 29 November 2011 by DM

Day 4: Die Hard

Ok so more naysayers than not have said that this is not a Christmas movie but regardless it is on the list and this is what I think about it.  We have John McClain, a hard working New York cop, whose marriage is in trouble, coming to see his wife in California. You should know the gist of this movie. It helped cement countless action movie tropes after all.  In fact, if you have not seen this movie I am not sure how much I can help you here. In any case, while I would not consider it the best representation of a Christmas movie, I think it has some things going for it.  We get to see John suffering through his night as he struggles to do the right thing no matter how much it puts him in harm’s way. We have allies to support John as well as enemies large and small to thwart him.  It is practically It’s a Wonderful Life with guns. OK it is not but at least it has Christmas music.

Day 5: Father Christmas

What if Santa Clause was just a regular Joe from England who delivered toys to children one day a year? Father Christmas tells us what that would be like.  He is not the best man ever, he is a bit grouchy and crass, but he is certainly a good man.  We get to follow him as he takes a vacation in different places around the world and prepares for next Christmas while doing his everyday chores.

While this will not go down as the most meaningful of all Christmas cartoons, it is certainly a lighthearted Christmas romp.  Go watch it and remind yourself that Christmas is about having a few laughs as well.

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