Day 5: Father Christmas Boozes it Up Around the World

Posted on 30 November 2011 by VinnieAve

First, I have to thank Eeeper for this one. I really enjoyed Father Christmas. This is a special that is not too well-known here but like others it think it should be. We start the show with Father Christmas ending his annual and starting to relax. Within the half-hour we follow him around the world as takes a vacation to various locations around the world. Starting with eating and relaxing in France (and having a heafty amount of wine) but getting sick from the water. He hopes that Scotland (an boy does he love his whiskey) has clean water but its too cold. One of the best montages of the film is in the next site when he visits Las Vegas and he gambles for a while.

This is a cute little piece that is worth seeing at least once and everyone of our readers should take a look at this one. It fits along with other great classics like Year without a Santa Claus.

Here’ s the big song at the end:


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