Being a Better Geek: Mobile Suit Gundam Week 3 (episode 9-13)

Posted on 03 March 2012 by VinnieAve

Mobile Suit Gundam Episodes 9-13
DM’s Take
We are starting out with Amuro suffering from mental fatigue from his recent combats and that delights me. The realism inherent to the situation pleases me to no end. There is a patriotic air to the draftees that puts me into the scene better than I would have expected as well. With all that said, I was pretty satisfied with Amuro getting the crap beaten out of him. Ah well little Amuro is growing up.
A little bit of world development in episode 10-13 went a long way towards making this an engrossing series. I love how, as in Firefly, the future always resembles the past. What the hell is up with Char that he won’t even show his own people his face? Maybe they are not his people since he seems to casually betray them at a moment’s notice. Hands down, my favorite part of the series to date is the inner city combat scene in episode 10. It was a very entertaining bit of video. Second: The super weapon known as lightning.
The major thing I got out of episode 11 was that Zeon fought for independence so they could form a dictatorship on all of humanity? I am confused. This set of episodes adds a great deal of intrigue that I do like but it makes me feel like they were writing it as they went along. Amuro’s homecoming was not exactly what I expected. I wonder how mentally healthy he will be now that he has no hope to anchor him.

Vinnie’s Take
Watching these episodes, I saw a lot of the things that made me love Gundam, most of this was some of the great story elements that we had, the bulk of these were either finishing up the Garma Zabi story line from last week or its 2 episode epilogue. This was our first experience with the Zabi family and we get to understand more about the politics of Zeon. Like so many sci-fi franchises, it seems like the bad guys are more fun to learn about. Zeon is no exception to this. We start to see some of the family politics of a royal family, so fans of Downton Abbey, you should be watching this show, because I know you love seeing rich people wear ornate outfits.
As for the main characters, I think Amuro is just starting to figure out that he’s actually killing people but it seems to swing wildly between episodes depending on what the story needs, when he sees Icelina die he is clearly shaken by this but only two episodes later he fairly cavalierly kills a soldier, not while in a mobile suit but while looking at him. I would take this for a weakness of the show. I keep avoid watching episodes but in the end I’m enjoying them, not as much as DM enjoyed rewatching Firefly but that could be due to the fact that I just watched the movies back in December. Although, we are in the part with my favorite Zeon commander (excluding Char) Ramba Ral, who I will talk more about next week.

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