Being a Better Geek Mobile Suit Gundam 14-18

Posted on 10 March 2012 by VinnieAve

Mobile Suit Gundam 14-18

DM’s Take
We have some firsts in this swath of MSG. We have our first POW, our first promotion, our first punishment via brig, our first desertion, and our first nude scene. Lots of good stuff. I want to start by saying that this show has really started to pick up for me. We’ve got some relationships forming and that is helping development in my mind. I am also pleased that we got a really solid standalone episode in Time Be Still. There is still plenty to rag about. Amuro is still the most selfish person is selfishonia. Who the crap runs away and takes the giant robot the ship needs to defend itself with them. I would smack that kid so hard he would think he was back on his colony. I really do not know why anyone puts up with him. See me next week and let us hope that I get to find out more about this brother/sister mystery.

Vinnie’s Take
This block included the only episode that was not included in any N.American release. I have to say that every warning that was given about it, the animation is weaker than the other episodes. It was an interesting little bit. In other news we have one of the best of standalone episodes of “Time Be Still” which has a few Zeon soldiers trying to blow up the Gundam by quickly planting small bombs over the body. This seems like the best plan so far to destroy the Gundam. The should re-try this plan. Otherwise in this batch of episodes the Whitebase captures a Zeon pilot, who Salya goes to when she wants to find out Char. Beyond this Amuro steals the Gundam and destroys a Zeon Mine. Of all the people to see this is Kycilia Zabi, who realizes that the only way to defeat the Gundam is to put more of the experimental mobile suits into production. To this I say that you toy company sponsor, and thank you Bandai for 32 years of Gunpla.

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