Being a Better Geek: Mobile Suit Gundam 31-33

Posted on 31 March 2012 by VinnieAve

Vinnie’s Take

I will freely admit that I am the reason there is such a small batch this week. I flew out to California for a conference and didn’t have much to watch much. That being said, at last we have left Earth and are now making way to ending the series. I think its hilarious that Zeon is so impressed with White Base that they will pursue it so heavily that the real fleet can move out into space. The mobile armors keep getting sillier peaking with the Zakrello. The last important thing this week was the introduction of Sleggar, big dumb asshole, who while is a good pilot and gunner has decided that the will keep hitting on Sayla and Mirai. Speaking of Sayla, she’s back to obsessing about Char and making sure she doesn’t kill him.

DM’s Take

While Vincenzo is the reason for our short run of episodes this week, I am the reason for our delay.  So let us get to it.  First off before I rag on Amuro anymore; how badass was it with him dueling in space with the enemy mobile armor and just casually killing some folk in the spaceship.  I am pretty sure our little boys grown up a bit but I think we can honestly say his mother would not be proud.

Poor Fraw Bow! She really gets no respect from Amuro.  Sleggar is introduced in this set of episodes and I love him. I spoke with Vincenzo about this earlier this week and he expressed some surprise about the fact that I’m digging Sleggar but let’s face it, anyone who can keep Amuro a notch down is ok in my book.

OK really?! “Oh, hi Amuro.” That’s what he gets? Brain damaged or not that’s kind of ridiculous.  Between that and Mirai betrothed this was a fairly silly episode.  Till next week.

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