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Things I’m Looking Forward To: Pacific Rim

Posted on 11 April 2012 by VinnieAve

I’m sure plenty of you have heard about Pacific Rim but it hasn’t come up recently. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it much recently but then this video was posted and got me really excited.

It doesn’t show much but two things really struck me. One the film is referred to as Silent Seas, I don’t know if this is the Canadian name of the film, or it the name was changed or if there was just a mistake. Second, in the background you see some guys in what look like storm trooper uniforms. I hope to everything Kaiji that these are the robot pilots outfits. I also did a bit more digging and it seems that the game scheme is straight of mecha anime. Idris Elba will be playing our hero called Stacker Pentecost, a name like Sleggar Law or Jacuzzi Splot wouldn’t seem out of place in this world. We haven’t see any character pics but I hope to high heaven that at least a few characters have awesome Go Nagai sideburns.

Here’s to hoping for the great live-action Mecha/Kaiju film of our time.

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