Buffy Week 2

Posted on 27 April 2012 by VinnieAve

Vinnie’s Take

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date:
We get some more Angel this episode and more of the villain (whose name still annoys me). It was good to have the master back, giving the show some sense of continuity. There was a good use of misdirection throughout the episode which gave it a good feel at the end. The action is still the level of cheesiest expected out of TV show but other than that it was not that bad.

The Pack
This episode was the one that made me the most uncomfortable for one scene where a possessed Xander tries to rape Buffy. I’m impressed this show would do something so horrible to a character so early on. This portends well for the show. However, this episode was pretty bad. I don’t mind this show doing terrible things to its characters but at least be interesting with it. Xander gets possessed by hyenas along with a bunch of other bullies and becomes a total jerk. This wasn’t that interesting.

The big reveal of this episode was ruined by being alive for the past 10 years or so. It’s revealed that the mysterious Angel is actually a vampire. I think this was done well. We get a bit of an extension of the reveal from Never Kill a Boy. Its nice to see the Master training the Anointed One to be all powerful. I hope to see more of this. We get a nice bit of character development on both good guy and bad guy front this time around.

I Robot, You Jane
I don’t know if this episode was made bad by having seeing some many similar episodes over the years or it was cheesy to begin with but this was the stinker of the bunch.  Some the show decides that Willow hasn’t been abused yet and makes her a focus this time around. This was all around silly, dark but silly. Again darkness good, silly not so much. Also, does everyone need a love interest I say NO!

DM’s Take

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
I won’t lie to you, this is one of my favorites in the first season.  As with most of the episodes in Buffy’s maiden voyage it is predictable.  That said it has a melancholy that I think resonates well.  Other than that I think its status quo for character development and whatnot.

The Pack
This was not one of my favorites.  In this episode we really get a lord of the flies look at teenagers and all the cruelty they can entail.  Apparently up to and including eating the principal.  Goodbye Principal Flootie.

Spoilers! We find out Angels dark secret (there is totally more to it) and get a little sexual tension going at the same time.  Plus Darla gets some more screen time, which I am always in favor of.  I was pleased with how they did not make you wait 3 seasons before they told you more about Angel.  That said Buffy is like 16 here.  Should she be contemplating a relationship with a 250 year old?

I Robot, You Jane
How they managed to make a Willow centric episode without a lot of screen time for Willow is beyond me but somehow Joss managed it.  The first in a science vein (although of course not drifting too far from mystical at this juncture) I thought the episode had a lot of promise.  Plus we get an antagonist/love interest for Giles! Yea Miss Calendar!

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