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The New 52, Wave 2, Week 1

Posted on 06 May 2012 by VinnieAve

So the first part of Wave 2 started this week. I just wanted to give a brief run-down of what’s good and what’s crap

G.I. Combat (with Unknown Solider)

So G.I Combat had a cool cover with dinosaurs, everyone loves dinosaurs but when you open the book you see that the art looks like it came out a PS1 game. The story is a standard soldier story until dinosaurs attack. Unknown Soldier is the second half of the book (so you get two stories in one book). This story didn’t impress me much either. It felt fairly standard amnesia story.

Dial H

This one has something cool going on. We’ve got Nelson is a sick and out of shape, down on his luck guy. His friend gets attacked and but after Nelson goes into a phonebook he transforms into a smoke-Tim Burton-creature that fights off the attackers. He tries to figure out how he was transformed and manages to get transformed into Captain Lachrymose who reminds people of sad events. A little confusing but overall good.

Earth 2

If the Superman Animated series taught me anything is that when there are Parademons, its gonna be a good story. This did not disappoint, although this book felt like a really cool prologue to what looks like it could a slower book (not saying it’s a bad thing). SPOILER: By the end the world is free of heroes. This could make a cool read. If you like Justice League action, this is a must read even if you don’t read the series.

Worlds’ Finest

So I’m not the biggest keeper of lore when it comes to comic books so I didn’t get all I could out of this one but it was enjoyable. Actually, it could be really good. It seems to be setting up to a short series but it is slated as an on-going. There is some mystery about what happened in the intervening five years when our two heroines came through the portal. There is some good action. Overall I’m sure long term DC devotees will like this one and it should be fun for everyone else. Also, it seems as if Power Girl when to the Raquel Welch school of costume destruction.

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