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First Thoughts: Manga Entertain X-Box 360 App

Posted on 29 May 2012 by VinnieAve

So a few days ago X-box 360 added an app (that I found out about my advertisement) to their line-up of entertainment programs. Usually I ignore these since they require signing up for another service. It promised me anime. I was hoping that it would be Crunchyroll but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was from Manga Entertainment and free. While this company has been actively recently releasing big films like Redline (if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch). I took a brief look at the app.

The first thing that I notice is that there isn’t a large selection just yet. However, the bulk of the material is strong and classic. What I used to test this out was Star Blazers: Season 2. This isn’t a good test of video quality but it does suggest what this program will be focusing on. This is a much more heavily focusing on what older fans watched a while ago. If you want to watch Robotech, here it is, Star Blazers, you have 3 seasons. If you want so bad its good, you’ve got M.D. Geist. The newest show on there is Gurren Lagann. So even the newest stuff is now a good few years old.

There is one big issue I have with this app. Now, I mentioned this is a free app, which is good and as usual with any free app, it is actually ad supported. I don’t mind ad-supported streaming services. However, this has to be done properly. This means putting the commericals at times when breaks would normally be placed. This is not quite the case. For Star Blazers at least, there are 3 30 second comericals placed at the exact same time in each episode, this doesn’t quite work well since that time could be (and at least once was) in the middle of a word. While I am glad programming like this is easily available, this can make watching difficult. If there was a better way to watch I would say go with that way but since for some of this, this is the easiest way (or for Star Blazers, the only reasonable way). Given that it is free, and there are things that might not be available other ways to watch some of this material, I suggest that anime fans take a look at this app.

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