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Holiday Challenge Day 1 (DM’s Version): The Best Fucking Christmas Movie There Is

Posted on 26 November 2011 by DM

I was more than pleased to see that Vincenzo had selected Frank Capra’s perennial classic It’s A Wonderful Life to kick off this year’s Christmas challenge. It has always been something of a tradition in my household to watch it on Christmas Eve before bed (something I will still be doing) and I was happy to get an early dose in this year.

I really do not know what it is about the movie that captures my heart and mind.  Is it the struggle of George Bailey to live up to everything his father was all the while chomping against that bit of selflessness and goodwill? Is it the cast that so well portrays the people and their struggles in a small town in the early 1900s? Is it Donna Reeds timeless beauty? It is all of that and more.

I have not stopped to read Vincenzo’s take on the movie yet because I want to give you my own untainted view but I will proceed by answering the question in his title.  We watch It’s A Wonderful Life because we crave to see a man fight against his worse nature and instincts and come out on the side of goodness and prosperity.  You see it is my theory that George Bailey is the other side of Mr. Potter’s coin.  Both are intelligent, shrewd, and frustrated men.  Both men want to see themselves better and have that secret voice whispering in their ears that if other people were meant to succeed then they would work harder to do so.  The difference is, of course, Peter Bailey and his role in George’s life.

Being raised by Peter Bailey instilled within George the idea that not every person gets the breaks they need to prosper in this world.  Every person needs a helping hand now and then.  Perhaps the most poignant scenes in the film are those in which we see George fight internally against his own nature and come out on the side of charity without fail.  Seeing George chose to help people again and again at the expense of his own happiness makes the final scene wherein we see how appreciated his efforts have been all the more joyous.

I will leave you with these corny but nonetheless true words: No man is a failure who has friends.

Atta boy, Clarence

All Geeks Considered

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Challenge Day 1: Why We Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

Posted on 25 November 2011 by VinnieAve

So today I started the long awaited All Geek Considered Christmas Challenge with Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. I suspect that with the political atmosphere right now many people will talk about this film with respect to how a financial industry should run (I bet there have been a few over the past few years). I don’t particularly want to talk too much about the financial crisis so I am going to try and say what makes this film so appealing. I am writing this presuming everyone has already seen the movie, that might be a bad assumption but I’m going to make so beware spoilers lie ahead.
I have seen this film numerous times and I find that what makes this film uplifting is not George Bailey’s life which in general is getting stuck in bad spot while everyone around him succeeds and prospers but George Bailey as a person. The man who even though he sees all his friends and family become successful in everything they do but still manages to put everyone else before himself. It is this spirit that makes the film a successful story. The viewer is meant to both pity and envy George Bailey. I don’t want to say much on the film since I hope that everyone will at least give it a watch and I am sure some cynical asshole will say it is just sentimental drivel but if there is one time of the year when sentimental drivel is allowed its between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you intend on reading the complete series of the Christmas Challenge get ready for a lot of drivel since I’ve got at least 3 versions of A Christmas Carol coming down the pipeline.

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All Geeks Considered Christmas Challenge

Posted on 14 November 2011 by VinnieAve

So those who know me, know that last year I watched It’s a Wonderful Life everyday of December 2010. I don’t plan to do this again (nor do I entirely encourage this) but I would like to watch some Christmas thing everyday from November 25th to December 24th (Christmas is too busy and I most likely will watch something but it won’t necessarily be part of the schedule). I announce this now for 2 reasons: 1) so that you may join in with me and 2) that you may suggest things for me to watch. I have final so not everything suggested will be watched but I have to fill 30 days so to bar will be pretty low. Now for what I already plan on watching

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. A Muppet’s Christmas Carol
  3. Scrooge (1970)
  4. Scrooged
  5. A Blackadder Christmas Carol
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  7. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  8. Tokyo Godfathers
  9. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
  10. Star Wars Christmas Special
  11. A Christmas Story
  12. Jingle all the Way
  13. A Mister Magoo Christmas Carol
  14. A Very Venture Christmas
  15. Olive the Other Reindeer
  16. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  17. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer
  18. A Year without A Santa Claus
  19. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Please send suggestions. Also I will be doing a short blurb for each piece that I watch. Some that I care to promote will be getting more maybe a full review or even a podcast Diego willing. I will be taking suggestions until the project is done. Leave suggestion in the comments, e-mail me at averello@gmail.com or tweet at me @VinnieAve_AGC This is a great opportunity for my enemies to get back at me. I won’t turn things away. Also, they don’t have to be Christmas but they have to be related to holidays that take place in December.


I thought of some more things and got two suggestions

  1. Love, Actually (Diego likes it)
  2. Santa Claus vs. the Snowmen
  3. Father Christmas (care of Eeeper of Eeeper’s Choice)
  4. The Snowman (also care of Eeeper)
  5. Doctor Who episode A Christmas Carol (the only good Doctor Who Christmas Special)
  6. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

My hope is that I will have more than 30 options so that I don’t watch things I’ve already seen year after year or 30 versions of a Christmas Carol (that might be next years challenge).


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