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The New 52, Wave 2, Week 1

Posted on 06 May 2012 by VinnieAve

So the first part of Wave 2 started this week. I just wanted to give a brief run-down of what’s good and what’s crap

G.I. Combat (with Unknown Solider)

So G.I Combat had a cool cover with dinosaurs, everyone loves dinosaurs but when you open the book you see that the art looks like it came out a PS1 game. The story is a standard soldier story until dinosaurs attack. Unknown Soldier is the second half of the book (so you get two stories in one book). This story didn’t impress me much either. It felt fairly standard amnesia story.

Dial H

This one has something cool going on. We’ve got Nelson is a sick and out of shape, down on his luck guy. His friend gets attacked and but after Nelson goes into a phonebook he transforms into a smoke-Tim Burton-creature that fights off the attackers. He tries to figure out how he was transformed and manages to get transformed into Captain Lachrymose who reminds people of sad events. A little confusing but overall good.

Earth 2

If the Superman Animated series taught me anything is that when there are Parademons, its gonna be a good story. This did not disappoint, although this book felt like a really cool prologue to what looks like it could a slower book (not saying it’s a bad thing). SPOILER: By the end the world is free of heroes. This could make a cool read. If you like Justice League action, this is a must read even if you don’t read the series.

Worlds’ Finest

So I’m not the biggest keeper of lore when it comes to comic books so I didn’t get all I could out of this one but it was enjoyable. Actually, it could be really good. It seems to be setting up to a short series but it is slated as an on-going. There is some mystery about what happened in the intervening five years when our two heroines came through the portal. There is some good action. Overall I’m sure long term DC devotees will like this one and it should be fun for everyone else. Also, it seems as if Power Girl when to the Raquel Welch school of costume destruction.

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You Should Read Animal Man and Swamp Thing

Posted on 12 December 2011 by VinnieAve

It’s been a while since I talked about comics so I thought I’d give it another go. Last week DC released the 4th issues of Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I have to give each of these book high recommendations. While they are part of the DC Universe (Superman appears in Swamp Thing #1) they could easily exist on their own and have no interaction with other things but each other.

In case you aren’t reading these books, Swamp Thing is about a man who has been dead (as far as he can tell) but is now alive and being told that he the Swamp Thing, protector of the Green, which is essentially the spirit of all plant life. Meanwhile Animal Man has the power to take on animal powers (strength, flight, etc.). He is the avatar of the red, which the spirit of animals and flesh. In each of these books they must fight against the oncoming menace, the Rot, the spirit of unlife.

These books have been building up to a larger combined climax which will be coming around issue 6 or so, I’m guess, which would be rushed if that’s when it happens so I’m hoping they keep it at the pace where it’s going and let it happen when it would work best. Both of these series have had excellent art that manage to link well stylistically with the story, Swamp Thing has great twisting plant motifs throughout the series and animal doesn’t go with flesh motif in the borders (thankfully it doesn’t since it looks like something out the John Carpenter’s The Thing). They rough art used here works for the course animal feel that is going.

These two books are certainly the books that are for the person who likes comics and doesn’t like superheroes but enjoys a more supernatural story.

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DC Universe Goes Free To Play or I Get To Be A Green Lantern Bitches

Posted on 12 November 2011 by DM

Early this month DC Universe made good on its promise to become a free to play game and as one would expect, there have been a few growing pains.  In this situation, it is hard to judge exactly how angry one should be for server sluggishness, long log in queues, and blatant bugs resulting in booting you from the game.  It is free after all.

What should we expect for none of our money? Also, should the people who are still paying money for a more…luxurious…game be upset?  I do not think anyone who considered playing DCUO did not figure that there would be some problems at the beginning.  It is an mmorpg and it is DC Comics; there are going to be a couple of people who want to try it out.  The question is how long will it take to recover from what is reportedly a 6000% increase in player population?

If what I have seen becomes a trend, I think things are going to work out fine.  The server seems to be moving towards stabilization and queues have eased in the last few days.  Time will tell though.  I will be doing a more thorough overview soon but I am curious about what others think in terms of what a player has a right to expect out of a free to play game.  Please write your comments below.

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Spoiler Alert 7 Week of 9/14/11 DC New 52 Edition

Posted on 15 September 2011 by DM

Suicide Squad 1
A bit of a clichéd storyline for the first issue is apparently just what the doctor called for.  Suicide Squad gives us a nice rundown of its members whilst running us through their last test and showing us their mettle.  Particular favorites were Deadshot, who I never really took to BR, and Harley Quinn, who seems much more disturbed and believable in this universe. Amanda Waller is thin and apparently people who aren’t me care about this fact but whatever.  I rarely share other people’s cares in regards to stuff like this.

What this means to you: If you don’t mind villains doing villainous things this might be the book for you.  Well written and drawn, it kept me engrossed throughout the issue.

Superboy 1
OK this was the first PR book that made me realize that the old DC universe was not there anymore. Superboy is brand new again with different powers and a different mindset.  While I’m not sure about his physical power levels he seems much more focused and that seems a good thing.  While I haven’t watched young justice that much, I am inclined to believe that this Superboy seems much more like his cartoon counterpart.  This issue sets up the boy of steel as the main foe of the new teen titans team but we will see how long that lasts.

What this means to you: The book was well written and the art was alright but it didn’t really catch me.  You Young Justice fans may get a kick out of it but I do not think it is going to be on my monthly pull list.

Batman and Robin 1
Not happy with this book.  After taking so long to believably change Damien’s character we have got an almost 180.  Inferring that he killed criminals and not really revealing whether or not he lies about it? I call shenanigans.  I will say that this Batman seems to be more on his game than in Detective #1 so that’s a plus.

What this means to you: If you read and loved Batman and Robin then this may not be the book for you.  The relationship between Dick and Damien was very different that is is with Bruce and his son.  I encourage you to give it a try but I do not have high hopes for this book.

Green Lantern 1
A slow start for a promising book.  Sinestro gets his feet wet as a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan feels sorry for himself.  I guess all is well in the green lantern universe.  Well see where this book goes though as Sinestro pops up in the last panel to offer Hal Jordan a deal with the devil.

What this means for you: This book is going somewhere, of that I am sure.  It may take a few issues though.  Do not give up on it though.  Geoff Johns has yet to steer us too wrong.

Red Lanterns 1
This was an interesting book.  Full of the exposition needed to catch new readers up to who the Red Lanterns are, I think Red Lanterns 1 shows some promise.  I think what will really make or break this book is if we can get some Red Lanterns who can speak coherently.  To me this is a slow part of the book.  I am also eager to see if they go through with making one of the kids from earth into a Red Lantern.  There is some foreshadowing but we will see what is what.

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Spoiler Alert 6 Week of 9/7/11

Posted on 08 September 2011 by DM

Detective Comics 1
Everything old is new again.  Like Action Comics, we seem to be starting a bit in the past when the Gotham Police are severely anti Batman and the Joker is an unknown quantity. Not too many spoilers to be had in this issue since it is a reintroduction to the book.  Joker is up to no good and seems to be multiple steps ahead of the Batman.  Gordon is still working with Batman but I am unsure of how he is doing it secretly with a gigantic spotlight on his roof.  Joker’s plot involves having the Dollmaker do a little work on his face.  We will have to wait and see how it continues.

The Skinny: Batman is reasonably new at this and it shows.  This harkens to the best part of the new films and of the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Read this.  Read it a lot.

Action Comics 1
Taking me back to when I watched Superman as a kid, we have a Superman who is no longer unstoppable except via kryptonite.  Five(ish) years ago we have a Superman who can leap buildings in a single bound and match the speed of trains (and does so). Superman has begun his own brutal vigilante campaign based on human rights within Metropolis by showing up at the doorstep of anyone who treats people in a less than proper fashion to the point where a man is dropped in the river with several bones broken for beating his wife.  Taking exception to this, the government hires Lex Luther to capture Superman, which he does at the conclusion of the issue.

The Skinny: This is a Superman I can get behind.  Hell, this is a Superman that Batman can get behind. I look forward to seeing whether the character that Morrison is fashioning will be maintained in other Superman appearances.

Batgirl 1
There is a lot going on in this book for not much going on in this book.  While they are not being super forthcoming, my take on what is going on with Barbara Gordon is that, while Joker did shoot her and paralyze her, she was not Batgirl at the time of the “home invasion”.  It is an interesting take.  Babs does seem new at the hero game, but has some reasonable tech.  Her technological skills seem still be high still too.  I wonder how she connects to the rest of the bat world.

The Skinny: I think the first issue was weak due to all the exposition dealing with her paralysis and miraculous recovery.  I trust Gail Simone though and I will go where she leads.  BTW, it is uncertain on whether there is any time displacement on this book like there seems to be in some others.  Time will tell.

X-Men 17
Dr. Doom betrays everyone.  I will put on my shocked expression.  I felt that even with dooms help they really should not have been able to catch Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Sue Storm unawares like that but whatever, I am not going to spite them for using their plot device.

The Skinny: I loved the interaction between the FF and the X-men.  You have some comedy, head bashing, and obligatory primitive land hot blond in a cheetah print bikini.  What’s not to love?

X23 14
I have been following this book for a while and it is considerably more interesting than I thought it would be.  This issue is no different.  The interaction between Laura and the FF is entertaining (I am starting to see a pattern in this week’s books) but I am disappointed that we do not get to see more interaction between Valeria and Laura.  This one has to do with former possessors of the uni-power so if you liked those storylines you will be pleased.

The Skinny: Like I said, I have been enjoying this book.  If you like Gambit and sullen girls with healing factors and claws then you might too.

X-Men Legacy 254
Rogue made it to the other end of the galaxy but managed to split the party up pretty well.  Apparently, the Shiar are in a civil war with some of their protectorate species and its providing ample opportunity for people on the same side who have been separated to protect opposing sides.  I had forgotten that Magneto had a vested interest in coming since his daughter was with the Starjammers as well.  Magneto has a reasonable scene where he gets to show off.

The Skinny: Not one of the better issues but needed to get us to some better ones.  I still look forward to the next one.

Morning Glories 12
We get a new character out of this issue.  Ms. Daramount’s sister is back from somewhere and we find out there is a probability that they are the Headmaster’s daughters in some fashion or another.  She sees all the glories in turn with one exception and we get to find out that Miss Hodge is not exactly a fan of the academy herself.  At least that is how she markets herself.

The Skinny: I love this book and I have not stopped loving this book in any way, shape, or form since it came out.  My only problem is the issues go so quickly that I am left craving more for a month.

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The End and the Beginning of the DC Universe

Posted on 31 August 2011 by VinnieAve

So in my 2 or 3 years of reading comics regularly, there has never been a more interesting week. This is the week is quite possibly the most important week yet. DC only released two books. One was Flashpoint #5 and the other was Justice League #1. I’m going to review this and try to keep them in context of what I’ve seen in DC comics. I’m reviewing them in the order that I encourage you to read them; it just makes sense that way.

Flashpoint #5 – So for this past summer we’ve had the experience of seeing this darker world, it hasn’t been the smoothest ride and this book is no exception. It wasn’t quite a story but more of an exposition book that explains why this happens. I wasn’t really impressed with it overall. The ending is pretty much a forgone conclusion. It has a bit of a Lord of the Rings feel in that there are all these threads from the side books that have going on (the best part of the Flashpoint Universe) all come together to help end the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. I don’t usually notice art or things like that but the splash page when the resistance shows up is something that I hope gets made into a poster. The book ends with the Flash going back but when he travels he sees three different timelines. Part of me says that this might suggest that there could be a way to bring back things from the previous DC. I’m not suggesting that this will collapse the new universe but a way to filter in ideas that should be brought over. For a brief comment, if you haven’t already read Flashpoint there is no reason to read #5, however, I suggest if you haven’t read Flashpoint and enjoy superhero comics pick up the collection that is coming on in October (only the main story, not the side books, which are coming out in March).

Justice League #1- Also for the past summer there has been a lot of build-up to the New 52. Today it started its landing with Justice League. This is a smart choice since it can be used a way to bring in characters and see where they’ve been. The first thing I noticed was that it say “5 Years Ago” in the first panel. To me this says that the main DC Universe is going to take place after this book (with exception to Action Comics which will take place before this). This is a very tone establishing issue. This is before heroes became well known. Most of the book is making sure you know this in the dialogue between Batman and Hal Jordan.  The book isn’t bad, it’s a little slow but I think that this is a good start. I didn’t expect too much action in this book. The art is slick and clean throughout the book. This book would be a good starting point for any super hero fan.  It’s not an action packed start but the action is good and Hal shows off his powers pretty well. There is something of an over-arching story but it’s really front and center, as JL progresses I’m sure it will be more a part of it as the gang forms up. I’m actually glad they didn’t rush the formation in one book and will spread it out.

So there it is the end of the old and the beginning of the next stage. These books are not going to bring in people who don’t like the superhero thing but this will be a good way to make stray sheep back.

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