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Podcast: Firefly and Serenity

Posted on 13 March 2012 by VinnieAve

Sorry for the delay in posting but I will be posting another episode by weeks end. This time around we talked about Firefly and Serenity as well as the comics that were published after the show and movie came out. Please leave a comment or review on our iTunes page.

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Being a Better Geek Week 2: Firefly 3-8

Posted on 03 February 2012 by VinnieAve

Vincenzo’s Take on Bushwhacked

This seemed like the most sci-fi of the three episodes so far with both the Reavers and the Alliance Military playing a fairly large role. We’ve had some glimpses at both but they’ve never been a feature of an episode yet (I mean it’s episode 3 so we haven’t seen a lot yet). I don’t want to keep talking about world building every episode but they really made sure they you understood how crazy the reavers are but the way Jayne and Mal acted around the concept of them and what they did to a survivor. Otherwise the episode felt like it had two parts that fell into two genre, the first part felt like a Gothic Horror in Space (a la Alien) and the other felt like a military/ military action story, I wasn’t a fan of the two distinct feels and I would have liked to have seen the tension of the other derelict ship played out a little more.

DM’s Take on Bushwhacked:

A solid and needed world-building episode is delivered to us in the form of Bushwhacked. Hand delivered we get our first significant sighting of the Alliance and more development towards what these mysterious Reavers are.  Though we are unsure of loyalties, Mal gives us a sense of his and so does everyone else to an extent. My favorite part of the episode was the interviews between Commander Harkin and the crew of the Serenity.  Teasing, foreshadowing, character development? This scene had it all.

Vincenzo’s Take on Shindig

There have been a few times that I wanted to call shenanigans on this show for taking things from anime and I really wanted to this episode with the ballroom seen but it’s more likely that Firefly is a cousin of LoGH than a descendant. I am an unbashed fan of Legend of the Galactic Heroes and this episode has evoked that more than any other. This is because they dealt with the upper class of the society, an upperclass that dresses like 1800s European nobility. That really piqued my fancy. I think that what I enjoyed out of this episode was Kaylee talking to the old men about ship design and models. As for the universe which seems to what I’m analyzing in this series, we got a good look at the class structure and how companions work. Overall, this might be my favorite so far (barring Serenity).

DM’s Take on Shindig:

I think you would be hard pressed to find a Firefly fan who did not list Shindig as one of their favorite episodes in the series.  We get some good old-fashioned sexual tension between Mal and Inara, some epic scenes with Miss Kaylee, and some more development regarding classes in the universe.  Also, let us not forget we finally got a job! I am torn between my two favorite scenes in this episode.  Kaylee’s wowing of the gentleman when talking about vehicles was good for a guffaw or three and the revealing and entertaining exchange between River and Badger are definitely high in the running but the end when Kaylee reminisces over her magical evening was so poignant I get a small smile just thinking about it.

Vincenzo’s Take on Safe

If I were to categorize episodes into storyline and standalone episodes, this would fall into the storyline, particularly the storyline of River, we get the backstory of Simon trying to find-out what happened to her before the show starts, we still don’t find out, which is good since that would mean that this storyline was too easily resolved and really wasted. This episode is a fun character piece and a bit of a counterpoint to the previous episode where we saw the upper-class but now we see the lowest of the low. This episode got a little weird toward the end and left like TNG for a bit there but then it came back to itself. Another fun story and this show is clearly moving up my list of shows that I love, thanks DM.

DM’s Take on Safe:

OK this is my number 1 episode.  It is not necessarily action packed or revealing in any significant way but it has a certain something.  It builds relationships. We have little meltdowns across the boards between Simon and River and the crew, so much so that it can be painful to watch, but, in the end, it all clicks together and for the first time (for me at least), we see that they are truly becoming family.  I am not embarrassed to say that I cannot watch the rescue scene without shedding a few tears and laughing at the same time.  Oh and what is up with Shepherd Book?  Mysteries!

Vincenzo’s Take on Our Mrs. Reynolds

Someone like the last one this episode had elements of Star Trek:TNG in the beginning but true to form, it didn’t stay that way. This episode didn’t have the best story but there were several occasions where I burst out laughing even though I was watching it alone. I got a good chuckle out of a few lines from Book, in this one (particularly about speaking in a theater). It was fun to see more of the Mal/Inara relationship which I hope comes to a head at some point and does not just have those two constantly not admitting they like each other.

DM’s Take on Our Mrs. Reynolds:

While I greatly enjoy this episode, I do not have a ton to say about it.  Christina Hendricks is fantastic as Saffron and the interactions between her and the crew are superb.  There are some great hijinks regarding the Saffron, Mal, and Inara love triangle (if you can call it that).  There are also some great lines that are quoted by Browncoats to this day.  You would be well to remember them lest you wind up in the special hell.

Vincenzo’s Take on Jaynestown

This is possibly the oddest premise of the series so far, at least on paper but it worked it. We got to see a little more of Jayne, who although he is in every episode and he does plenty of things in each episode we really don’t know too much about his life before the show. I was glad to see that in this episode. They also pushed the Kaylee and Simon relationship a little more getting to see more of his personality in the whole thing.

DM’s Take on Jaynestown:

Sigh, can they all be my favorite episodes? Every single time I watch this episode I laugh until there are tears in my eyes.  As I have come to expect from Whedon there are moments that threaten to bring tears as well.  I love that we get some more development from Jayne in this episode as well.  I will say that I am a bit tired by this point of seeing Kaylee do her finest to take everything Simon says in the worst possible way.

Vincenzo’s Take on Out of Gas

This was the backstory episode, it almost felt like a clip show expect we knew almost nothing about this episode. At this point in the series we’ve gotten a lot of backstory and background on most of the characters (expect Book and River, but I think they are holding off on those as much as they can). This episode only works if you are involved in the show and care about the characters. If this weren’t Firefly, I don’t know if it could have been pulled off as well.

DM’s Take on Out of Gas:

It never fails, this episode will make me cry.  My secret is out.  We get our Mal episode at last and that ain’t no small thing.  Intermingled between past and present we see how the original crew came together. We also see just where Mal stands regarding crew, ship, and himself.  And if Vincenzo did not at least sniffle a little during that last scene when Mal wakes up then he has a heart so frozen that nothing will thaw it out.

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Being a Better Geek: Firefly Week 1

Posted on 27 January 2012 by VinnieAve

Every nerd has those things that he or she hasn’t watched or read. Each week on Friday DM and I will be talking episodes of series that one (or both) of us hasn’t seen. He got first pick.

Why Firefly?
I never knew I liked Westerns.  I never knew that I liked the “caper” genre either.  Joss Whedon found a way to introduce those concepts to the horror/fantasy nerd I was.  Even if Firefly had never been made, Joss Whedon would forever be on the map with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel.  I will forever consider Firefly the gem in his crown though. Continue Reading

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