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Short Stories vol 4: 13, Evidence, and A Country Doctor (with Guest Star INK!)

Posted on 06 April 2017 by VinnieAve

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Foundation and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

Posted on 28 May 2012 by VinnieAve

This episode we talk about Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

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Being a Better Geek: A Brief Introduction to Foundation and Isaac Asimov

Posted on 12 May 2012 by VinnieAve

So DM has been busy with Free Comic Day, both set-up the event itself and the breakdown. So he didn’t have much time this week to read our next Being a Better Geek project, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. This is one of the great works of Sci-fi literature. Asimove wrote the stories contained in Foundation after reading William Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. He wanted to tell a similar tale but how to rebuild. The book begins with Hari Seldon telling the leaders of the Galactic Empire how the Empire will collapse. He develops a plan to make the time between the fall and the emergence of the second empire much shorter. This book chronicles the first 150 years of the 1000 year Seldon Plan.

This book has influenced many of sci-fi authors since him, either those who are building from him or trying to actively not be like him. These include J. Micheal Straczynski (Babylon 5) and Yoshiki Tanaka (Legend of the Galactic Heroes). Beyond this Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has said this book and its idea of psychohistory caused him to go into economics. It almost made me go into history. Below I’ve linked to some articles about Asimov and how he’s one of the greatest writers in history. His books are ones filled with hope for the future and mankind’s ability to weather the storm and come out for the better.

Wikipedia Article

Cracked Article

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Comments on Caves of Steel Film Announcement

Posted on 27 September 2011 by VinnieAve

I am going to keep this brief since there isn’t too much to say.

Late last week it was announced the 20th Century Fox was developing a film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel . This is big news for the science fiction fandom. There is not been a particularly good adaptation of an Asimov work in my lifetime, I, Robot was a film unrelated to the book and Bicentennial Man wasn’t really that impressive. Even with both of these dark spots on his works being adapted to the big screen I still have hope. Part of this is due to the nature of the conversion, I, Robot is a collection of unrelated short stories and Bicentennial Man is a novella about a robot trying to be human, but this is a generally boring story. The difference is that Caves of Steel is a detective novel, with a bit of a sci-fi twist.

I think that there is enough material to make a good movie. I think that people will enjoy a traditional detective film in the light of The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep. It could easily be turned into a generic action movie with only a minor resemblance to the original work. My hope is that this is not going to be the case. I also realize that this will most likely not happen, no film based on Caves of Steel will be made into film.

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