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A Very Henson Christmas

Posted on 18 December 2015 by VinnieAve

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Being a Better Geek: Twin Peaks Season 1 and The Muppet Show Season 1

Posted on 26 September 2014 by VinnieAve

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It’s Time to Light the Lights: The Muppets Review

Posted on 23 November 2011 by VinnieAve

At long last there has been a new Muppet release. For all of those on the internet you probably saw the numerous trailers that have been released for The Muppets. They did the best they could to not reveal much of the plot of the film without misrepresenting the film, an impressive feat in the modern day where trailers often give away big parts of the plot and misrepresent the film.
This film opened with a new short from Pixar. At this point we’ve gotten used to having this on Pixar’s film but when you see the Muppets there is a Toy Story short. I’m not going to say much on this other than it is an enjoyable little movie where Buzz gets trapped in a support group for Happy Meal Toys that have been abandoned (I hope that some of those toys get released at some point). You know Pixar does a good job also this won’t make or break you seeing this film.
So for the feature presentation, I think that many people were won by the trailers and if this won you over you know the kind of humor you are getting into. The film starts with Gary (Jason Segel) and his brother Walter (Walter) growing up and becoming fans of the Muppets, especially Walter. After this sequence we are introduced to Mary (Amy Adams), Gary’s longtime girlfriend. There are many things that are expected in a Muppets’ movie and from this beginning they are present, because when Gary and Walter walk to see Mary there is a large musical number and there is a general self-awareness of this happening around them.
The mood set and style set here play-out for the entire film, more-so when the Muppets start showing up. The three new characters travel to LA (for the 10 year anniversary of Gary and Mary) to learn the Muppets studio is going to be sold to Tex Richman who wants to drill for oil there. From here the action drives with some tension between Gary and Mary since he gets caught up in helping the Muppets get the studio back from Tex Richman.
The plot is not what makes this movie great or notable. For anyone who is a fan of early Muppet works (The Muppet Show and the first 3 movies), this movie will surely kindle the feelings you had. I mention that first 3 films since everything after Muppets Take Manhattan is ignored. While I am a fan of some of the pieces that have been made after Jim Henson died, I understand that this film was meant to be a throwback to his time. This film succeeds in every way that it can. What won me over was the tongue-in-cheek humor and general lampooning of movies without getting bogged down in parody.

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