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Learning new stitches and patterns can lead to cute new items

Posted on 19 August 2011 by DM

David Rosenthal

My favorite request is a tie between two projects, both commissioned from the same two people. John and Kristina happen to be married geeks of varying flavors and are good friends. Almost two years ago, they spawned baby geek Brigid, which is where the project requests come in. During the pregnancy, they came up to me and asked me to make a set of knitted dice. Not just some six-siders but the standard RPG pack, D4 through D20. Hey, if you want your kid to be dorky, you have to start them out young.  It was a fun and challenging project to work on because of the fact that I was unable to find any real patterns for knitted dice. Having to find the correct shapes and putting everything in the correct order was the biggest hurdle to jump but I felt like they came out really well.

The second project was commissioned after Brigid was born. Kristina found a squid hat she wanted Brigid to wear. The hat was really cute and the fun but difficult to construct for a few reasons, not the least was the differing limbs of the squid that needed to be crafted. The other challenge was to make it in two different sizes so that Brigid had something to grow into.  Differing sizes required that I expand the pattern and still maintain all the ratios and sizing. That may sound easy but can be tricky. The work was worth it though because it looked like some cthulhu-esque monster was trying to eat baby geeks head when she wore it.

The point I am making for all you knitting geeks is simple.  Make sure you open your hoppy up to other people.  It may make a lot more work for you and you have to be a bit adventurous, but in the end, your reward will be more skill and some awfully geeky projects to share.

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