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The Vision of Escaflowne 1-11

Posted on 15 October 2012 by DM

Vincenzo’s Introduction

I had intended not to do another giant robot show this year but I realized that there had yet to be a sword and sorcery Being a Better Geek yet. Slayers came to mind but I don’t want to watch 26 episodes of flat-chested jokes. It had to be Escaflowne. I know that it is from much of the same staff as Macross Plus (I like this but Diego was less hot on it).

Even though this is a mecha show, there are more then superficial differences from shows like Gundam and Evangelion. Those shows were aimed mainly at a male audience. This show has elements of a show aimed a female audience. This is more evident is character design and story elements. All in all, this is a show that I have enjoyed over the years with great music throughout that gives this show a much more cinematic feel than many others.

DMs take

To start I am going to be doing this review in one large chunk rather than episode chunks because A) I am sick and this is the energy level I have and B) I think Escaflowne does not lend itself to a stop and start narrative to well.

I think that I will start there.  When watching the show, I kept waiting for an episode block to reach a natural end so that I could write about a chunk of it and leave it at that.  That never happened though.  Instead, the episodes seem to me more like soft chapters in a prolonged narrative.  Rarely did they have the same start stop feel that other shows seem to.

The storytelling is spot on. Being a fantasy series, there is a certain formulaic predictability to it that one has to expect, but that does not mean that they have left it boring at all.  Instead, they have countered that predictability with interesting characters and some wonderful animation.

The characters are, within a certain range, predictable as well.  However, they are also compelling in their own way.  Hitomi is the embodiment of a normal girl in an abnormal situation.  It is always a great pleasure to see how she will react. Merle was my first cat-girl and I’m not sure what to think.  Are they all supposed to be that annoying?

While the animation is not on the level of a feature film, I do think that it is quite well done for a twenty-something minute show. More than once, it made me look twice to really get a good appreciation with what is going on.

The show is not without its flaws though.  I am starting to run out of steam here so I will mention the big one: the villains.  Villains are supposed to be ridiculous and unlikable but Dilandau is completely over-the-top. It is ridiculous to believe that no one has removed him from a command position due to gross sadism.

In any case, until next time


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