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So Toonami is Coming Back, and What I Hope for This

Posted on 16 May 2012 by VinnieAve

There has been a lot of news that Toonami is coming back. I’m happy at the idea of Toonami coming back but honestly not the shows that I watched coming back. Admittedly, they haven’t quite announced what will be showing but everyone seems to think it will be the shows that got them into anime back in the day. I liked those shows then, I still like some of them now but I don’t want them back on TV as soon as Toonami relaunches. I want to see new shows that don’t have the huge fanbase yet. Toonami is what got people into anime in the early-2000s. Those people now can buy the shows they saw back then. Toonami shouldn’t be a nostalgia block, but the same spirit it was back when I watched it. Show kids cool cartoons from around the world that will make them anime fans. Fandom needs that new blood like a vampire seeks virgins. The longer it goes without the sooner it becomes a filled with cranky old men talking about how great Tobor the Eighth Man was (I still need to watch that).

Don’t put Dragon Ball Z back on but instead put Tiger & Bunny. Don’t put Gundam Wing back on but try a new mecha show. Take some risks Occult Academy was fun (sadly, not getting a dub). Hopefully if Toonami is back that means that there will be less moe shows liscenced and more action/mecha shows coming over to go on TV. Toonami shouldn’t become the old people block (in this case being people around my young age) but should be still for those kids who aren’t getting cool cartoons from Japan, hell maybe they could try-out some French cartoons like TimeJammers or Wak-fu. I look forward to seeing what Toonami brings, hopefully its more people who can be molded into intense superfans, reading manga about Hitler (coming soon from Vertical, Inc.)

Sadly, I doubt this will be what happens given that the official hashtag is Toonamiisbackbitches. This is aimed at the twitter using and facebook living people of my generation. We’ll be entertained and there might be a few new converts but this isn’t what the industry or the fandom needs rights now.

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