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Mobile Suit Gundam Episodes 4-8

Posted on 26 February 2012 by VinnieAve

So, we’re changing the format of the article a little bit this week. Instead of talking about each episode we’re just going to talk about the batch we watched. We covered from episode 4-8 this time around.

Vinnie’s Take

So this week’s batch saw us move from space to earth and gave us the introduction of the Garma Zabi, the first of the Zabi family villains. The high points in this set were the times when Char and Garma and interacting both talking about the Gundam and Char working on his master plan. Meanwhile while we see one of the thing that make the series shine, the antagonist having a real personality (albeit here that are still pretty villainous, but it’s a step in the right direction) we also have some of the weakest parts of the show. Last week I wrote about how this moved the mecha genre from exclusively having super robots to having more realistic robots. Once the show moved to earth it seemed as if the robots got more human in the way they move. This bothers me mostly because I’ve gotten used to Gundams being realistic (I’m also watching Double-Zeta and AGE right now) but this is just part of the transition in the genre.

DM’s Take

I’m of two minds regarding Amuro. For one, he has kind of been a dick. However 2, is that I am really enjoying how realistic his portrayal is.  Seriously. He is a teenager thrown into war with all the violence and responsibility therein.

Red Comet is fast becoming a villain I love.  He’ll screw you over. He will screw his comrades over, his followers, and anyone he needs to.  AND YOU WILL LOVE HIM FOR IT

I am fast getting tired of all the I outrank you this is insubordination! Can we just acknowledge that these fold know more than you already?

I wasn’t happy with Amuro’s explanation of why the Gundam is so good.  If it is because of that reason then it really does not need him, does it?

My final thought on this batch: Civilians are idiots.

Gundam Video of the Week

Four men who sing the themes of other shows since the Gundam theme, almost a little off key.

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