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The End of Farscape Season 1

Posted on 07 July 2012 by VinnieAve

Vinnie's Take

Nerve: When we last left our crew Aeryn had been seriously wounded and we now find out this was a near fatal blow that sends our crew into the grips of the Peacekeepers. We get introduced to a creepy new villain, Scorpius. From what I’ve seen this is the kind of villain that I like, the cold, calculating type. We have some old characters come back in this one (Gilina mainly) to help out Crichton and Chiana. I don’t quite like the Crichton is so in love with Gilina when most of the season we’ve been having a buildup of the Crichton/Aeryn thing.

The Hidden Memory: We see the entire crew go out to try and save Crichton from the clutches of the Peacekeepers but really the best part of this episode is the interaction of Crais (who came back last episode but really I don’t quite remember what exactly happened in each so read this two as part of the same review). We also saw the expansion of Stark, who we thought has gone mad from torture in the previous episode but is in fact quite sane. I like the characters that were introduced here, they give some new momentum to the show, which had been losing steam. Also we get a new ship, Moya’s baby

Born to Be Wild: Well the show has gone back to its roots, hiding and running from Peacekeepers. This time we end up a planet full of plants. We meet two sentient life forms, a botanist and another who eats bones. The episode is a constant he said, she said until we get the truth and the bone-eater is released on a Peacekeeper ship.

Family Ties: FUCK YOU FOR NOT FOLLOWING UP ON THE BONE-EATER STORY! So she met Scorpius last episode and was never mentioned again. Rygel betrays the group which sets into motion the action of this episode, when Crais leaves the Peacekeepers and joins up with the team. Talyn (Moya’s baby) gets introduced to Crais who steals the ship at the end. There is a general feeling of dread in this episode, which makes me think that they didn’t expect a second season.


Nerve: Where to start? We see some old faces again and John gets to do a “PeaceKeeper” accent again so right there I'm happy. And what makes this one of the best episodes of the season is that we get the villain we deserve, one Harvey S. Scorpius. Creepy, intelligent and ruthless means some good times ahead if you like drama. I love that we're pushing the John/Aeryn/Gilina love triangle hard because, let's face it, we can't have this dangling over our heads during the finale.

The Hidden Memory: I would say this is part 2 of Nerve except that this entire block of episodes seems like one giant season finale. Moya gets her baby and we have some real pull togetherness amongst the crew to ave John from the hands of Scorpius and Crais. I want to point out that this block of episodes hands down makes this season. Every one makes the rest of the season pale in comparison.

Born to be Wild: A brief interlude to ease us into the finale, Born to be Wild gives us some interesting time with the characters while still managing to maintain a good interest in the fallout from the last episode. Not my favorite episode but a solid interlude.

Family Ties: Ok one of my all time favorite episodes, I feel like this one pulls all of the character development into focus and allows a group of wanted fugitives to be a family. Sappy? Perhaps but no less true. The drama inherent in the episode along with the acting makes this and it's follow-up episode in Season two to be a fantastic couple hours of television. I find myself wondering if Vincenzo enjoyed this episode because if he didn't then I don't think this is the show for him.

Well that's it. I'll see you all for the wrap up!

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Vin’s Picks (taken hostage by DM)

Posted on 07 July 2012 by DM

This week in comics:


At Vincenzo's request I will be dishing out the best books in comics this week. So without further delay,


I'm going to start with a trade that released this week. Not a comic but I'll break the rules cause I can.


Batman: Earth One: I'm still kind of processing this one. I was both worried and hoping that Geoff Johns would make this as different for Batman as JMS made things different for Superman and I wasn't disappointed. This is different and meaty and a Batman who keeps me guessing. If you don't mind your Batman being a bit imperfect this might be for you.


AvX 7: I'm still reading this but I'm not sure why. The Phoenix Five continue to make the world a better place and AvX continues to be a poor substitution for Civil War.


X-Factor: A Banshee-centric issue with a little Strong Guy/Monet on the side. If I have to convince you to read this book then I'm not sure we have a foundation for communication.


Dial H: The third issue breaks open a crapton of story and while there's a danger of not being able to follow along, I suggest that you persevere because this is working up to be a great book.


Earth 2: A Green Lantern is born. Well forged at least. I am not a fan of this issue's dialogue but I hold out hope that this will be a solid book.


Worlds' Finest: This book has been kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. It's not fantastic but I still enjoy reading it every month. It may have something to do with my undying love of Power Girl but then again maybe not since this Karen Starr is very different than pre-new 52.

Well that's it for this week! Have a great one!

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Otakon Lead-Up: Announcement Hopes

Posted on 06 July 2012 by VinnieAve

Last week I talked about Cosplay but this week is just my hopes and dreams. This was made harder in the past week since everything was announced at AX and we’ve been promised that more things will still be announced at Otakon at the end of the month. I’m going to make some guesses which are really just hopes and if any of these things are liscenced I will die of happiness.
1) More Gundam releases in the US – Earlier this year we saw the shuttering of Bandai Entertainment. With them went the release of ∀ Gundam that was announced for DVD release. I was seriously hoping for this one since I’ve tried to stop downloading as many fansubs for shows that are expected to be released. I hope that some company here is working out a deal with Sunrise to get these shows out in some reasonable release format.
2) Shin Mazinger – Everyone’s favorite company announced this year that Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo. This means that Dynamic Pro is willing to work with American companies. This show was big a few years ago when it came out and the mecha fans assumed it would get released here but it never came to pass. I’d like to hear some company rep say these words: We will be doing a home release of Shin Mazinger.
3) Mawaru Penguindrum – I watched a little bit of this in Fansubs last year but as always I failed to keep up with a show and it gets to be a pain to download a show every week when the vast majority of good shows are streaming. This show was interesting for the ten or so episodes that I watched. It’s only a year old and was decently popular with the people who watched it but I know a decent number of people are waiting for a home release, I am among them.
4) Shotaro Ishinomori manga – For the past several years we have had many successful releases of Tezuka manga, I have no problem with this and I will keep buying those but Shotaro Ishinomori is a major mangaka that has very little interaction in this nation but is a huge influence on the history of manga but we get nothing here.
5) Legend of the Galactic Heroes- I will always ask for this, every year. There is a podcast about this that I have sitting on my hard drive that has to get released.

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AGC Responds to the Announcement of Marvel NOW!

Posted on 04 July 2012 by VinnieAve

Vinnie’s Take

So Marvel announced what the fallout of Avengers vs. X-men will be. Currently, there have been three new books announced (or revamps of books) that will launched in October of this year. The three new titles are All New X-men, Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers. You’ll notice something odd with that Uncanny Avenger, that will be a book of a new team will Captain America, Wolverine, and two other characters that haven’t been announced yet. There are going to be some other changes, Jean Grey is going to be back in All New X-men, Red Skull will be a back in his Nazi story telling. Additionally, there will be more digital integration in these books, a powerful move that could help add some interesting content.

So this is not a total relaunch like the New 52 was last year but there will be some changes that are more than cosmetic. There won’t be many real changes however, other than the increased integration of digital. There is no big change in distribution; there is no big change in schedule or format, just new books that are going to attempt to be more accessible. I’ve written before about how I think Marvel needs to be more accessible and this might be a helpful moment to get people in. The Red Skull aspect seems to mean that they want to make the comics more like the movies which may bring in more people.

This has only just been announced and Comic Con International is coming up this weekend when I am sure there is plenty more we will find out. I won’t give any final judgment yet and when October comes I will be sure to talk more about it then. For now, I will be watching the news for the next few months to find out more about this. There is a fear that I have however, this might not go far enough to solve the problems plaguing comics and Marvel. In case you don’t know what my issues with comics are that currently exist are the over-use of linking stories so that you have to read multiple books to get a single story beyond this there is excessive continuity that makes even the simplest book impossible to read.

DM’s Take

Well Marvel has finally crafted their response to DC’s New 52 and on a quicker timetable than I expected by about a year. Of course since its Marvel they have not only made it more complicated then need me but a bit more arrogant.

Starting in October, Marvel Comics will launch Marvel Now, which in their words will not be a reboot but rather a new beginning. If you can share with me the difference I’ll be delighted. That little statement about not being a reboot is just one of the many “subtle” jibes that have been heaved at DC by Marvel since the New 52 announcement. Obviously, the success of DC’s initiative is something that Marvel can no longer ignore.

Honestly, I could not be happier that Marvel has announced this. It has been a long time complaint of many people who were interested in starting a marvel series that the continuity was too deep to delve into. Marvel New (insert jazz hands here) is reportedly designed to combat that. Will it succeed though? I have my doubts. The three titles spoiled thus far don’t spark a lot of confidence in me.

The main Avengers title has not five or seven avenges but something like 18. That’s still a lot of continuity to get past. Uncanny Avengers will be giving us a post AvX joint team of avengers and mutants. The most promising title so far seems to be borrowing from the New 52 title Legion Lost and bringing the five original X-men to the present to see how much more messed up it is than they ever thought it would be.

It is honestly just too early to tell what the full scope of this initiative will be, but I do remain hopeful. With any luck SDCC should provide us with more details. In the meantime if I were Didio and Lee I’d be sticking my tongue out and waving parts at Marvel that ought not be waved.

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The Delve: Dallos

Posted on 02 July 2012 by VinnieAve

This week I decided to take a look at a piece of anime that I hadn’t heard of until recently when, while browsing Wikipedia, I discovered this was the very first OAV produced. Also Mike Toole mentioned this piece yesterday in his column over at Anime News Network. I already mentioned why this work piqued my interest in the first place and the other is the director of this work is none other than Mamoru Oshii. When I found this out I had to go to Amazon on find a copy of this OAV, I was able to find a VHS tape. Dallos was originally released in 1983 as 4 episodes. There is also compilation movie that was made in 1985, that is what is being discussed here today.

The action of Dallos takes place on the moon which has been colonized for a generation now and increasingly oppressed by the Earth elites (this sounds kind of like UC Gundam) who want the valuable minerals that can be found there. Also on the moon is the ancient Fortress and God who is worshipped by the Lunarians. Meanwhile, there is Paptimus Scirroco looking guy is trying to suppress the resistance to the earthers. His main method of attack is to use dogs or robot dogs. There are a few nice mecha battle scenes which are set to such out of place 80s pop music it seems ridiculous.

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Podcast: The Medley Strikes Back

Posted on 01 July 2012 by VinnieAve

So without Jess, DM and Vinnie decided to go off for a while on a few topics:

0:00 – Prometheus (spoilers)
22:00 – The New 52 3rd Wave
40:00 – OZMA
55:30 – Superman vs. The Elite

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