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Anime Secret Santa 2020: A Call Goes Out

Posted on 04 October 2020 by VinnieAve

For ten years the Reverse Thieves had blessed and cursed us with an annual challenge that made us all better at what we do.  We have participated in the Anime Secret Santa and by doing so have been exposed to new anime and gotten to share beloved anime with our peers. Last year All Geeks Considered took the mantle of running the Secret Santa project. We did so not just because we have gotten so much from it (which we have), but because its at the core of what our podcast is. We know from experience that this will help you become a better and more informed geek. Vincenzo and Diego are grateful for so many years of enjoyment that have gifted to us by the Reverse Thieves and we hope that we can come even slightly close to filling their shoes. And we’re keeping alive in the hell year 2020 as a bright spot of joy.

Whether you are a veteran to the project or you are participating for the first time, we are excited to have you along for this journey. The idea is simple. Everyone who participates will be reviewing a show or movie that they have watched and perhaps has just been on the meant to watch list for who knows how long. All participants will be randomly assigned another participant. You will assign this person three options (and two back-ups) for a series or movie to watch and review and you in turn will be assigned a series or film to watch and review. 

Participating has a number of benefits. You will be forced to watch something new that may not be in your traditional wheelhouse. You will be able to gift someone with a new experience by having them watch something you feel is worthy of their time and energy. Finally, you can engender fellowship amongst the anime reviewer community.  

Signing up to participate is simple.  You can follow this link and fill out the google doc form by October 18, 2019. Once the deadline has passed we will match participants a la Secret Santa and then email everyone who they are to recommend for.  You will then send us your picks for them. Once we have received everyone’s picks we will pass them on the correct parties. You will have until December 24th to watch something that you have been assigned. No one but we at AGC will know who has been assigned who until the big reveal on Christmas Day.  Reviews can go up at any point the week before Christmas as determined by your own release schedule but a Christmas Eve release date would be most smiled upon.  

Sign-up here

The basic flow of this will be in about 2 weeks from this post, you’ll be sent a person to select 3 titles and 2 back-up titles with title defined as 1 series or season up to 26 episodes, or film, or film series (for example, the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan special and movie as one selection). You’ll have about a week to analyze them and make the perfect choice. They’ll be sent their selections and before Christmas Eve, they’ll post their review and on Christmas morning, we will reveal the bounty of holiday reviews!

We hope we can live up to the hard work that Narutaki and Hisui put into this project. Thank you for years of hard work.

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