Being a Better Geek: Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes 3-8

Posted on 21 July 2012 by DM

This week we watch episodes 3 through 8 and get some more characters and a bit more back story.


DM’s Take:

Episode 3: Man could Shinji be any more flat? I actually enjoy that his trauma is making him suffer mentally but for the sake of interest, I hope that he gets over it abnormally quickly.  School was interesting and an interesting way to give us a brief history of the present.  I suppose school will make things more interesting but I worry that we will have to suffer through too many clichés.  Oh and yea for Toji to give a nice clobber to Shinji.  I cannot help but think he needs one, even if they do become friends (ahhh-trope-choo).

Episode 4: Are they just trying to get all their clichés done right away? Will the rest of the show have new and unique storytelling? Time will tell I suppose.  In the meantime Shinjo has run away, whatever will we do?! Find him with over armed security guards of course.  I know they whole 14 year olds piloting the robot units is a bit mystery but do they have to sniff around it without ever telling us anything? In any case it was of course the biggest of surprises when Toji and Shinjo became friends.  I am not sure who could have predicted that.
All negativity aside I find it interesting that there’s more drama in this show that robot fights.  Its fairly refreshing and I can forgive a great deal because of it.

Episode 5 & 6: Bullshit! Shinji saying that made my episode.  I could not begin to tell you why.  I’m happy that Rei is being introduced more fully.  Shinji as the only pilot seems to be a plan for destruction.  Although, I will say the scene where they are introduced in her apartment in this episode is ridiculous.  Poor Shinji and his getting into horridly impossible situations.  I do think its an interesting strategy to allow Rei’s silence to bring out more of Shinji’s thoughts.  And this is a very weird take on a love triangle.  A familial love triangle. I also love the way Rei is portrayed. Not only her design but her English voice actor is just fantastic.  There is a deadness in her voice that pulls at you.  In other news, how long do you think Misato had been waiting to fire that gun? I get the feeling that this was a life’s dream fulfilled, even if she does not get to fire it herself.  The fact that Shinji has never fired a sniper rifle seems incidental to the plan. In fact, they seem to snap at him whenever he points that out.  Sigh, I am not impressed with the leadership of Tokyo 3.

Episode 7: “Acts of men are better than acts of God”    OK now that Shinji is becoming more open hes starting to grow on me. His little cat fights with Misato are fun. This episode adds some interesting background to NERV the UN and the general political climate on Earth.  We also get human made giant robot on giant robot.  Admittedly not a lot of that but still some of it.  We learn a little bit more about what’s going on with the Angels but I want more.

Episode 8: I still cannot get over the fact that their giant robot has a plug in cable.  The second pilot is a bit much to handle, but I am looking forward to having some new and different character interaction.  Also, why does no one seem to realize that NERV is actually doing things to save the planet? Instead, they are treated like the worlds red-headed stepchild.

Vinnie’s Take

A Transfer

So now we’ve seen the Evangelion in action and Shinji has gotten used to his home life (somewhat) we start to see him at school. Here he’s either the point of much interest (since they just had this giant robot appear and save them) or hatred since one of our new supporting characters’ sister had been injured in the battle. By the end of the episode it seems that Shinji is getting used to having friends and people who care about him around. It has some nice pieces of character development about Shini.

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

In a somewhat follow-up to the last episode we find that Shinji decides to run away from it all after fighting two angels, which was more intense than the average 14 year old can take. It might be a little early in the series for this kind of thing honestly but they’ve made a good effort to show that he’s under intense stress but the ending makes it pretty clear that all he needs is affection and he’ll be fine

Rei I

So after a few episodes of focusing on Shinji we deal with Rei a little more for these and see that Gendo can have emotions and that there is something significantly different about this girl. Slowly the mysteries are revealed

Rei II

This time around we get to find out more about Rei and we get an angel fight. This one is the first that I think breaks some of the mold of what we think of a giant monster (for the best version of this fight watch Evangelion 1.0). This best part of this episode was the end when Shinji perfectly mirrors Gendo’s actions from the beginning of the previous episode. That was a nice touch that worked to humanize Gendo a little.

A Human Work

This episode was a bit of a breather there from the angel fights and we get to see a bit of other attempts to beat the angels. There are some moments of finding out a bit of the world. This episode almost feels skippable.

Asuka Strikes

So we’ve got our next character to join the troop, the 2nd Child Asuka Langley Soryu. She comes off totally as a piece of work. We also meet Kaji this time around. Really the best part of this episode was having Misato and Kaji interact.


And because we had some Rei episodes behold the creepiness of Japan:

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