Being a Better Geek: Evangelion 9-13 (End of First Half)

Posted on 28 July 2012 by VinnieAve

This is going to be a little terse so I’m sorry about that ahead of time. I am writing this in this Hilton lobby at Otakon. Find me if you wish.

Both of You, Dance Like you Want to Win!

So now Asuka has moved in with Shinji and Misato. Get ready for wacky hijinks and nonsense. Actually, Asuka is a pain in the ass for everyone involved. This week’s angel splits into two and each half must be defeat separately. This is done though DANCE! This might be one of the my favorite mecha battles of all time. I think the coordinated animation is great and the music is just so impressive.

Magma Diver

So an angel egg is found inside of a volcano and Asuka is sent with Unit 02 into the volcano to retrieve or destroy it. The best part of this episode is the magma suit on the Eva. There is some pretty obvious set-ups in this episode when it comes to plot which take a little away from the show but otherwise it has some good classic sci-fi
storytelling going on.

The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still

This title is a dead giveaway for what is going to happen. The power goes down during an angel attack and thus all those cool electric things must be done by hand. This is another in a series of really well done episodes that is built on classic tropes. I enjoyed how they were able to get everything set up without electricity, pretty neat scifi.

She Said “Don’t Make Other Suffer For Your Personal Hatred”

This is the first time we have really gone into Misato’s backstory. Up to now we’ve had a little bit with Kaji but that’s about it. We’ve never seen what makes her tick. Why did she join NERV? Why is so determined? This is where we find out for sure what’s going on upstairs. Again, this episode has a neat concept for the angel, making this show have one of the most creative and strong for monster design.

Lilliputian Hitcher

They keep talking about these Magi computers and now we’ve getting some insight to how they work. Like last episode this one goes into another character who we haven’t heard much about, Ritsuko. This has a little bit of her issues and oddly for a midseason episode there were essentially none of the Evas or the children. Well that wraps up the first half of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

DM’s take

Episode 9: “A boy and girl should never sleep under the same roof over the age of 7!” Ok Soryu continues to be a bit too much to handle.  Way, way too much.  What are they basing their simultaneous attack theory on? Seems a little shaky to me. Also, why didn’t they pair Shinji and Rei together? They did perform better together. I will say that the “dance” sequence was pretty cool.  Now if they could only plan every battle that well.

Episode 10: Shinji’s such a momma’s boy! We learn a little (very little) bit about Angels.  Not much else to say about this one but thank goodness someone besides Shinji is the primary for this one.  It’s nice to see Soryu on a solo run. I think that shows some appropriate evolution for the series.

Episode 11:  We start early on with a nice reminder that Shinji’s dad is a big tool. I am not of the same opinion as the staff that just because he believes in him that he is the epitome of awesomeness.  This was a pretty interesting episode.  I am always a fan of through the ventilation adventures. I was also really interested in how the three pilots have started to work together. That combined with getting everything ready without power really made this episode stand out for me. While not much happened during this episode , It’s the first where the story outweighed any complaints I might have.  Well done!

Episode 12: ohhhh backstory! I know the episode is supposed to educate us on Misato as well as create a bond between her and Shinji but this episode was a bit of a letdown. The Angel was not very interesting and the plan of defeat less so.  Oh well.

Episode 13: OK this was interesting.  In a giant robot anime there was no giant robot battles.  This is interesting in theory but poor in execution.  Seriously, the entire episode was technobabble and seemed to emphasize plot development on a fairly uninteresting character. I would have preferred a better storyline as the halfway point.

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