World’s Greatest Criminals Part II, Black Jack the Movie

Posted on 17 December 2012 by VinnieAve

Vincenzo’s Introduction

So I will admit that this is not the first piece of Black Jack media I consumed (that was the manga) or my favorite (the OVA series, which this is kind of part of) but it fit with the theme and I enjoy this quite a bit (as well as the OVA series by the same director). That director is one of my favorites who we also looked at last week that man is the great Osamu Dezaki, the protege of Osamu Tezuka the author of (among other things) Black Jack.

For the uniformed (get informed, read the manga, give Vertical money, watch the OVA, it’s free on Viki), Black Jack is the greatest surgeon in the world, but he is unlicensed and charges outrageous medical fees. How do we know he’s the greatest because when there is an “impossible” surgery he can do it, he is the Golgo 13 of doctor. Briefly what I like about this movie and the OVAs is that there is a good bit of realistic medicine (not too much here but other times). Beyond that it is beautifully animated with those wonderful postcard memories (when there is a still shot and it becomes a drawing) in this.

DM’s Take:

OK now we’re more in my playing field.  Blackjack is pretty cool.  He’s like what House would be if House wasn’t a gigantic ass.  The movie was solid.  It had some fairly realistic animation, reasonable voice acting, and an interesting plotline.  The premise of “superhumans” is always interesting and this covered the topic in a reasonably novel way.

I think the only part that did not jive with me it that there was always this feeling of back story that I wasn’t aware of.  It definitely distracted at times, as I would be wondering why things were one way or another instead of focusing on the story.  In any case, this was hands and feet above Golgo 13.  Good job Vincenzo.

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