Be a Better Geek: Farscape Season 1 E4-E6

Posted on 01 June 2012 by DM

DM’s Take

Throne For a Loss: This seems a fairly average episode for the first season. Definitely not my favorite by any means. I’m not a fan of the constant bickering that carries through most of the first season. It comes on strong and keeps hammering at you. As such this is an episode that I was glad to get past.

PK Tech Girl: What do you know?! There are sane Peacekeepers out there. We get some character development with Rygel and Aeryn and a little romance as well (not between Rygel and Aeryn). My little space adventuring party works as a team here and that is pretty cool. Plus upgrades for Moya.

Thank God It’s Friday Again: This is a first (at least in Netflix viewing order), we get a somewhat humorous episode. As much as Farscape ever gets at least. D’Argo has left the ship in a rage and gone to a local planet to become a beatnik. Worse, the beatnikitude seems to be catching. John as always gets into some hijinks in an effort to save everyone and Aeryn gets to continue to break out of her role as a warrior. This is a great example of what makes Farscape great.

Vinnie’s Take

Throne For a Loss:

If someone asked me what was the most generic thing in American sci-fi this episode would be the go to piece. We have a major character kidnapped, there’s a cursed weapon. It’s got nothing original, it feels like a bland adventure, nothing stand-out happened.

PK Tech Girl: I was not thrilled by this one, it wasn’t bad but really the best part of this one was Rygel, it was good to see him severely humbled due to his past. This is the first time I can say this show had promise.

Thank God It’s Friday Again: This was sadly the best of the bunch, even though it was the moral episode. We have a group of people who are traditional agrarian and a group of outsiders come in and command them to plant this drug, that makes everything seem pleasant. It’s not bad, not great it seems like a decent but not standout episode of other better sci-fi shows.

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