Farscape Week 3 Episodes 7-9

Posted on 09 June 2012 by VinnieAve

Some interesting episodes from our quest into Farscape this week.  Hopefully you are following at home and have some interesting comments to offer as well.

Vincenzo’s Take

I, E.T.

Every so often we are reminded that Crichton is a total geek. This is episode does a good job of that. Moya lands on a planet with people who haven’t yet discovered space flight and haven’t met another species just yet (like earth). Crichton meets these people who look oddly like humans (this is pointed out, not me complaining). This was a fun one for me because it poked fun at things like aliens looking human even though they evolved on another planet.

That Old Black Magic

So it seems there is magic in this universe as well as super science (this always confuses me), Zhaan’s abilities are magic, not a biologic power, and they can be used for healing or harming. This all comes up because an evil wizard captures Crichton and then summons Crais to have them fight in a maze, this is starting to sound like a Star Trek: TOS episode. In this we get some backstory on Crais, another one where we build on the characters and it’s not just an adventure. This show has promise.

DNA Mad Science

This is was kind of wacky, mainly for the odd use of the word DNA, just to mean genetic info, if all those species had DNA I was be highly surprised. Beyond that this was pretty cool because usually the characters have a universal goal but now they’ve been pitted against each other, at first it’s D’argo, Rygel, and Zhaan taking off Pilot’s arm (which he only seems to passive aggressively mention to them). After this the other three are pitted against each other. There’s also a weird bat creature but that story isn’t nearly as important or interesting


Dm’s Take

I, E.T. : OK this was a nice one to have John realize how far he has really traveled. Would it have done well as the second episode as originally intended? I am not sure about that.  However, as I said it does well to really push some of John’s issues that he may be glossing over due to the extraordinariness of his experiences.

That Old Black Magic: I adore this episode.  Zhaan has some incredible character development (not to mention a great flirty scene) and we have some good old-fashioned action.  The episode pace keeps moving well and that helps a great deal.  On top of that, we get to see Crais again (who also has some intriguing character development…hey wait, isn’t he supposed to be a mindless villain?!), helping us not to forget that he is our Captain Ahab.

DNA Mad Scientist: I am really not a fan of this episode.  It has some character development and does put you in touch with the foreignness of alien psychology but because of this, the characters seem at points to act out of character.  I am intrigued that this is the first but definitely not the last point in the series that indicates DNA carries with it some form of genetic knowledge.  hmmmm


That’s it for this week folks.  See you next week same space time same space channel….(also lets hear it for Vincenzo who presented to a full panel room this weekend at AnimeNext.  Hip hip hooray!)

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