Being a Better Geek: Penultimate Farscape Season 1

Posted on 30 June 2012 by VinnieAve

Well a little but late and a slight bit short episode quality wise but still some strong showings I think.  Reading Vin’s reactions I see we are, as usual, in disagreement about some things.  I often wonder if forcing someone to watch stuff like we do takes away from the enjoyment at all or makes us more critical.  I suppose we will never know.  In any case, enjoy!

DM’s Take

A Human Reaction: I do like this episode but it can be difficult for me to watch.  To start, the big reveal is hinted at too strongly from the start.  It’s difficult to not know what’s going on the first time you see it let alone the 12th.  Well maybe not exactly what is going on but definitely the gist.  The episode also asks the question of would this happen to alien visitors.  I do not really know for sure but I suppose I give it even odds.  I think my favorite part of the episode has to be the scene where John tries to go into the ladies room.  Something about it always makes me crack up. At the end of the day, I think this is an interesting ponderance of an episode that has lasting ramifications throughout the series.

Through the Looking Glass: OK nothing much happens in this episode global plot wise and for once I really really love an episode with this aspect.  We get an episode where the writers are thinking outside the box in terms of science, which is very good.  There’s some issues with the Moya and the baby vs the crew which I think are probably warranted.  I do not know but something about this episode rings true with the characters, the action, and the story.  Oh and John saves everyone again.

A Bugs Life: It is not quite a filler episode but its close.  See we needed something that happened in this episode to happen but other than that, it is just somewhat blah.  That said I love it when John pops on the ole Peacekeeper accent for an episode.

Vincenzo’s Reaction

So we’re reaching the end of the season and the end of another Being a Better Geek project. So here we go:

A Human Reaction

I was hoping that at some point in the show that we would see what was going on back on Earth. This episode has Crichton return home in a nice dramatic moment with the characters losing a close friend. However, we he gets back he’s put in prison, there’s a neat little episode that tries to be a neat character study but fails a little bit throughout.

Through the Looking Glass

This was a pretty standard action episode that doesn’t quite stand out from the rest of the series or in any way overall. The ship gets split into four universes and in each they have to do the same thing to get out of this mess. There is also something with aliens in there, this is was in pretty forgettable.

A Bug’s Life

I’m sure you’ve all seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, right. Well take that movie and remove any audience uncertainty from the story, that’s this episode in a nutshell. We had some Peacekeepers come back and not really be interesting, they were the roughnecks of the Peacekeepers, something we’ve seen before in other things


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