The End of Farscape Season 1

Posted on 07 July 2012 by VinnieAve

Vinnie's Take

Nerve: When we last left our crew Aeryn had been seriously wounded and we now find out this was a near fatal blow that sends our crew into the grips of the Peacekeepers. We get introduced to a creepy new villain, Scorpius. From what I’ve seen this is the kind of villain that I like, the cold, calculating type. We have some old characters come back in this one (Gilina mainly) to help out Crichton and Chiana. I don’t quite like the Crichton is so in love with Gilina when most of the season we’ve been having a buildup of the Crichton/Aeryn thing.

The Hidden Memory: We see the entire crew go out to try and save Crichton from the clutches of the Peacekeepers but really the best part of this episode is the interaction of Crais (who came back last episode but really I don’t quite remember what exactly happened in each so read this two as part of the same review). We also saw the expansion of Stark, who we thought has gone mad from torture in the previous episode but is in fact quite sane. I like the characters that were introduced here, they give some new momentum to the show, which had been losing steam. Also we get a new ship, Moya’s baby

Born to Be Wild: Well the show has gone back to its roots, hiding and running from Peacekeepers. This time we end up a planet full of plants. We meet two sentient life forms, a botanist and another who eats bones. The episode is a constant he said, she said until we get the truth and the bone-eater is released on a Peacekeeper ship.

Family Ties: FUCK YOU FOR NOT FOLLOWING UP ON THE BONE-EATER STORY! So she met Scorpius last episode and was never mentioned again. Rygel betrays the group which sets into motion the action of this episode, when Crais leaves the Peacekeepers and joins up with the team. Talyn (Moya’s baby) gets introduced to Crais who steals the ship at the end. There is a general feeling of dread in this episode, which makes me think that they didn’t expect a second season.


Nerve: Where to start? We see some old faces again and John gets to do a “PeaceKeeper” accent again so right there I'm happy. And what makes this one of the best episodes of the season is that we get the villain we deserve, one Harvey S. Scorpius. Creepy, intelligent and ruthless means some good times ahead if you like drama. I love that we're pushing the John/Aeryn/Gilina love triangle hard because, let's face it, we can't have this dangling over our heads during the finale.

The Hidden Memory: I would say this is part 2 of Nerve except that this entire block of episodes seems like one giant season finale. Moya gets her baby and we have some real pull togetherness amongst the crew to ave John from the hands of Scorpius and Crais. I want to point out that this block of episodes hands down makes this season. Every one makes the rest of the season pale in comparison.

Born to be Wild: A brief interlude to ease us into the finale, Born to be Wild gives us some interesting time with the characters while still managing to maintain a good interest in the fallout from the last episode. Not my favorite episode but a solid interlude.

Family Ties: Ok one of my all time favorite episodes, I feel like this one pulls all of the character development into focus and allows a group of wanted fugitives to be a family. Sappy? Perhaps but no less true. The drama inherent in the episode along with the acting makes this and it's follow-up episode in Season two to be a fantastic couple hours of television. I find myself wondering if Vincenzo enjoyed this episode because if he didn't then I don't think this is the show for him.

Well that's it. I'll see you all for the wrap up!

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