Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes 1-2

Posted on 13 July 2012 by VinnieAve

So with the completion of Farscape we move back to one of my choices and the time of punishment is upon us. The choice now is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I like to think of this choice as a follow-up to Mobile Suit Gundam.


DM’s Take


Just two episodes this week as I get used to the show. It definitely has a different feel than Mobile Suit Gundam but there are some obvious similarities as well. Time will tell if I grow to like the show or merely tolerate it.  (I know it’s not high praise but give me time)


Episode thoughts:

Angel Attack: Really, another anime where the fathers a douche and his kid is whiny as hell? And can someone tell me why we couldn’t come up with a better system than 14 year old pilots? It seems like if we could make giant robots, then we could come up with a better way to power them. Ok last complaint for this ep, why must I go through 3+ minutes of robot launch sequence? Surely we could use this time more wisely.

The Beast: Is it bad that I laughed heartily when he fell on his face? I did not expect the big giant robot to get its ass kicked. The dialogue seems a bit more hokey than MSG. Also, man oh man is his dad an ass.  I don’t care if the fate of the world is on his shoulders, he should at least talk to the kid. So he gets to trade up on guardians to a partying, drinking seemingly, um ,promiscuous girl. Yea? Shinji’s characterization is odd for a main character. He seems like a very abused character (stupid dad) and they carry that out well. We didn’t have to wait very long to hit the nudity part of the show did we?my last thought is holy cow did that kid kick some ass against the Angel.  Hmm I wonder if we ever figure out what Angels are…

Vinnie’s Take

Angel Attack: The episode starts with the establishment of exactly how dangerous the Angels are. We also have our protagonist, Shinji Ikari, arriving to NERV while this happening. This is a good seemingly standard mecha first episode. Shinji’s father is the head of NERV, he has to pilot the robot, but there is something dark and sinister about their relationship. It’s normal in these shows to have the two be distant or even estranged but here they are hostile, not physically but emotionally, this show is great in the way it works with emotion.


The Beast: This one starts right where the last one ends, we get to see Shinji fail and then suddenly wake up in a hospital. There is some more cold interaction with Gendo. This episode goes to get more not just mecha tropes as we saw last episode but some general anime tropes, from goofy music to an animal mascot getting introduced. While nothing about the Evas is entirely revealed, there are hints to more about what the Evas are.

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