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You Should Read Animal Man and Swamp Thing

Posted on 12 December 2011 by VinnieAve

It’s been a while since I talked about comics so I thought I’d give it another go. Last week DC released the 4th issues of Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I have to give each of these book high recommendations. While they are part of the DC Universe (Superman appears in Swamp Thing #1) they could easily exist on their own and have no interaction with other things but each other.

In case you aren’t reading these books, Swamp Thing is about a man who has been dead (as far as he can tell) but is now alive and being told that he the Swamp Thing, protector of the Green, which is essentially the spirit of all plant life. Meanwhile Animal Man has the power to take on animal powers (strength, flight, etc.). He is the avatar of the red, which the spirit of animals and flesh. In each of these books they must fight against the oncoming menace, the Rot, the spirit of unlife.

These books have been building up to a larger combined climax which will be coming around issue 6 or so, I’m guess, which would be rushed if that’s when it happens so I’m hoping they keep it at the pace where it’s going and let it happen when it would work best. Both of these series have had excellent art that manage to link well stylistically with the story, Swamp Thing has great twisting plant motifs throughout the series and animal doesn’t go with flesh motif in the borders (thankfully it doesn’t since it looks like something out the John Carpenter’s The Thing). They rough art used here works for the course animal feel that is going.

These two books are certainly the books that are for the person who likes comics and doesn’t like superheroes but enjoys a more supernatural story.

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