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Being a Better Geek: Powerpuff Girls Episodes 1-2

Posted on 08 September 2012 by DM

Vinnie’s Introduction

Hey Everybody. We’re starting up a new series so I get to do a brief introduction. We’ve covered a lot in the past 8 months, but there has been a lack of American cartoons so I decided to pick one that is still held up as a high point, The Powerpuff Girls. For many people my age this was a hugely popular show, for both boys and girls. It has the right combination of action and character to entertain children but still keep parents engaged.

Vinnie’s Take

So these first 2 episodes introduce 2 of our series villains Mojo Jojo, who is the biggest bad of the show and Sedusa, who as the name implies is a seductress. I think the idea of having a seductress character in a children’s show was a bit of risk but it makes the show stand out. It wasn’t until DM’s tweet the other day that I caught what Buttercup was putting in the Professor’s pocket. Mommy Fearest was probably the best of the batch this week mostly because of the way it has the Professor display his loneliness.

DM’s Take

Powerpuff Girls Season 1 episodes: Monkey See, Doggy Do; Mommy Fearest; Insect Inside; Powerpuff Bluff

They’re ditzy they’re smart, they’re sweet and a bit crude, the Powerpuff girls seem to try for adults and children and to a point deliver (so far). The premise being that a scientist has, in his attempt to create girls with sugar and spice, accidentally added chemical X and made the Powerpuff Girls, who seem to be like little 4-5 year old supergirl clones. The show seems very tongue-in-cheek, full of puns and dumb jokes.  The episodes I watched included some doozys, the most ridiculous of them being when three under shaven criminals dress in Powerpuff Girls costumes and frame the girls…I could not stop shaking my head the entire episode.   It was a rough week so I only managed the first four, but my initial impression is positive but wary about whether this will get boring or not.

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Being a Better Geek: Evangelion 9-13 (End of First Half)

Posted on 28 July 2012 by VinnieAve

This is going to be a little terse so I’m sorry about that ahead of time. I am writing this in this Hilton lobby at Otakon. Find me if you wish.

Both of You, Dance Like you Want to Win!

So now Asuka has moved in with Shinji and Misato. Get ready for wacky hijinks and nonsense. Actually, Asuka is a pain in the ass for everyone involved. This week’s angel splits into two and each half must be defeat separately. This is done though DANCE! This might be one of the my favorite mecha battles of all time. I think the coordinated animation is great and the music is just so impressive. Continue Reading

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