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The Delve: The Blackhole

Posted on 28 October 2013 by VinnieAve

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Why You Should See John Carter

Posted on 19 March 2012 by VinnieAve

So it’s been over a week since John Carter came out and it really hasn’t found an audience but it seems like plenty of people who enjoy sci-fi and action have enjoyed this film. This film is by no means perfect, hell it even has issues but in many ways it’s the kind of film that I want see more of. Normally, I wouldn’t write an article about something that I am not in love with or hate passionately. However, I am passionate about wanting more people to see this film. John Carter is the story of a man who is sent to Mars (called Barsoom by its people) and his thrust into a war been the different groups but mainly Helium and Zodonga. When he arrives he first meets the Tharks, the green, four-armed creatures who are more the barbarian type people of the planet.

I will start off with what is wrong with this film. For one it is long, running at about 2hrs and 20minutes, this doesn’t make for a good action movie (although this is standard fare for a Disney action movie, like the Pirates of the Caribbean series). Like those films it had moments that were slower and not particularly good. The action was so-so at times but in generally I thought it was pretty good. Some might call the story cliché but the movie was based on a novel from the 1917, so many of these tropes were established with this book.

On to the good that was John Carter, for someone who has spent the bulk of my life watching sci-fi there are things that you look for. If it exists in a world that is different from our own the first thing to look at is design. I was not disappointed once with the design ascetic. In particular, the design of Helium and Zodonga were heavily inspired by years of science fiction and fantasy. It was great to see John Carter, our protagonist, trying to adapt to his new world with a different gravity and how he uses this throughout the film, it’s not like too many works where an ability will be shown once and then forgotten or it will come out of nowhere. The special effects are just what one would expect out of Disney, which is to say very good if not great. The CG for the Tharks and the air-ships is wonderful. That’s right I said air-ships, there are a few good air-ship battles in this film. For me this is the film that I have been waiting for, a solid sci-fi film that isn’t a military heavy film with a decent story. I feel like everyone is afraid to make something like Avatar but I will stand by that film too.

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