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31 Days of Halloween October 4th: The Perfect Host

Posted on 04 October 2012 by DM

Day 4: The Perfect Host
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, WAF*

Premise: Fugitive John Taylor bites off more than he can chew when he cons his way into Warwick’s (David Hyde Pierce from Frasier) home and discovers there’s worse out there than himself.

Thoughts: I knew a great deal about this movie coming into it and it still managed to shock me.  David Hyde Pierce rocks the role of Warwick and I refuse to say that much more about it because I urge people to take a look at this one if you’re not skittish.  Full of shocks and suspense, The Perfect Host has a nice pacing and is not afraid to take you into the dark corners of the human psyche whilst making sure that those of us who like a good laugh in our horror are still satisfied.  Score 4 out of 5 Skeelys

*WAS=Weird as Fuck

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31 Days of Halloween October 3rd

Posted on 03 October 2012 by DM

Day 3: Friday the 13th Part 2

Genre Slasher


A new camp to train counselors opens up on Camp Crystal Lake prompting Jason to avenge his mothers death.


Ok this time were watching a sequel to a movie I’ve seen and seeing how that floats. Honestly, in many ways it was a better movie. The heroine was more capable and interesting this time around. Our villain was new and realistically inept. We did have a ton more gratuitous nudity/sex but I don’t consider that in the good or bad pile. All in all if you liked the first movie you’ll like this one and if you didn’t you should probably stay away.


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31 Days of Halloween October 2nd

Posted on 02 October 2012 by DM

31 Days of Halloween

Day 2: The Caller

Genre: Sci-Fi, thriller


Premise: Recently divorced Mary Kee moves into a new home where she begins to receive telephone calls from a troubled woman named Rose. It doesn’t take too long for Mary to realize that there’s more to these calls than meets the eye.


Thoughts: I turned this movie on because I thought that the premise sounded like one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. Man did I make the wrong call. The premise is sound and the directed does well in achieving a suspenseful atmosphere but for my own tastes, it went too far. The time travel aspects were strong and well done but I think the actions they have Mary take in the past move this movie into a really horrid place. Wile this movie isn’t for me I think that those of you who aren’t squeamish and find the premise of a caller from the past intriguing may find this a gem in the rough.



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31 Days of Halloween: Day 1

Posted on 30 September 2012 by DM

In honor of the holiday that is tied for favorite in my heart, I am going to be watching and reviewing a horror movie that I have never seen for each day of the month of October. It’s like 30 Days of Christmas but with blood. So enjoy.


Day 1: Grave Encounters

Genre: Ghost/Supernatural

Release Date: 2011

Grave Encounters is a small production that depicts the leftover footage from a reality television crew that, ala Ghost Hunters, is trying to prove the reality of ghosts with pseudo science, which apparently bites off more than it can chew (much like me and this last sentence). As they investigate an abandoned mental hospital, reality becomes skewed and the crew is confronted horrible supernatural encounters.


Additional notes: The reality tv angel worked well to help with scares but made it all the more jarring when a scene was filmed outside of that direct camera context.


Summary: Under the premise of a “proving the paranormal” reality television show, Grave Encounters takes a bit long to deliver on the scares and gives them for too brief a time. All in all, it is too top-heavy a movie.


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Comments on Caves of Steel Film Announcement

Posted on 27 September 2011 by VinnieAve

I am going to keep this brief since there isn’t too much to say.

Late last week it was announced the 20th Century Fox was developing a film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel . This is big news for the science fiction fandom. There is not been a particularly good adaptation of an Asimov work in my lifetime, I, Robot was a film unrelated to the book and Bicentennial Man wasn’t really that impressive. Even with both of these dark spots on his works being adapted to the big screen I still have hope. Part of this is due to the nature of the conversion, I, Robot is a collection of unrelated short stories and Bicentennial Man is a novella about a robot trying to be human, but this is a generally boring story. The difference is that Caves of Steel is a detective novel, with a bit of a sci-fi twist.

I think that there is enough material to make a good movie. I think that people will enjoy a traditional detective film in the light of The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep. It could easily be turned into a generic action movie with only a minor resemblance to the original work. My hope is that this is not going to be the case. I also realize that this will most likely not happen, no film based on Caves of Steel will be made into film.

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