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Podcast: Farscape and Kickstarter

Posted on 02 August 2012 by VinnieAve

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What Does DMP’s Kickstarter Sucess Mean for the Future?

Posted on 17 January 2012 by VinnieAve

So this past weekend Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) launched another Kickstarter Project and before Sunday it was fully funded. Their goal was to get to $6,500, so it’s not entirely unreasonable. This is not to forget that about a month ago they ran another Kickstarter to reprint Osamu Tezuka’s Swallowing the Earth, which is not the best received of his works published her. So when I saw that they wanted to print a previously unreleased Tezuka work, Barbara. So after a few hours more or less they made their goal, and are now exceeding it, hopefully by a good deal.

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter and the rest of the internet about this event. I’ve had a few discussions and I want to bring up the major points that I think need to be discussed in general. The first thing that I wondered what how much did they know this would go fast. This was after the first Kickstarter was successful but had not shipped (it’s expected to hit next month). So this might end up being too hasty if Swallowing the Earth does not do well, and that the only people who want and will pay essentially retail for this book are those in the kickstarter (194 backers with most giving at least $30, which the level where you actually get the book), I hope this isn’t the case but it could happen. If this happen this might mean that Barbara could in general backfire even though 189 backers are currently participating. I also expect that this grew so fast due to the success of the first kickstarter.

I said that this is essentially a pre-order system since the majority of people in each went for the level where you get the book or the in case of Barbara the most popular being the book with Kickstarter only companion. I feel that honestly, if there is another Tezuka book that is part of his darker works, it will sell, if there is anything we’ve learned from Vertical, Inc., its that Tezuka is name that move books.

In a more hopeful note, I hope that DMP or other companies that are looking to take other risks might try a Kickstarter for other authors that are less represented in the Americas. Hopefully, there might be enough support for this Kickstarter to show that classic manga is desired in America, not just Tezuka, sadly I don’t know how many other authors have as much name recognition of Osamu Tezuka. I mean I would love some Go Nagai stuff but there is little chance that this will get released since I’ve gathered that people have tried and failed. Another hope is that this could be extended to anime, maybe we could get a release of some bad Tezuka movies, like Cleopatra.

In case anyone is wondering, I have backed both of the DMP projects.

Barbara Kickstarter Page

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