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Codename Sailor V and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Reviews

Posted on 19 September 2011 by VinnieAve

Recently Kodansha USA released the first volumes of both Codename Sailor V and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. Both of these comics are very similar. This should come as no surprise given that they were published in the same year and are part the same universe. Now it happens that Sailor Moon is a follow-up, not really a sequel, to Sailor V. I’m going to start with my review of Sailor V and move on to Sailor Moon

Sailor V

Sailor V is the tale of a ditzy, clutzy Japanese girl named Minako Aino who meets a white cat with a crescent shaped bald-spot on its forehead, Artemis (a male, don’t worry that gets mentioned). He acts as Aino’s mentor during the volume as she learns her abilities and duties as Sailor V/Sailor Venus, both are used, my lazy rule is she is V when wearing a mask and Venus when not wearing a mask. There are eight chapters and seven stories in this book (one story is over two chapters). Throughout the book she must fight the Dark Agency who is trying to collect energy from people through various ploys like creating pop idols or stealing the joy of people of vacation. This works out to create a very monster of the week story that got old really quickly, if I didn’t want to write this review I would have given up about half-way through. Even after reading the whole book, it didn’t get particularly better.

I am glad that this got released at some point for the fans of the franchise but at least it isn’t all that long (only 2 volumes). Beyond just the story of Sailor V the translation had a lot of things that I am not a fan of. There was extensive use of honorifics after too many names. Even after all these years of anime and manga they still take me out of the work. For me the point of translation and adaptation, you want to read it as if they were speaking English. I understand that many fans disagree with me on this but please find another way instead of using sempai and other words, there should be little need for translation notes especially when you are leaving words untranslated.  My final verdict is that I will be picking up volume 2 because it is the last volume of the series and that will lead into Sailor Moon which was significantly better.

Sailor Moon

Sailor V is the tale of a ditzy, clutzy Japanese girl named Usagi Tsukino who meets a black cat with a crescent shaped bald-spot on its forehead, Luna (a female). Yes you read that right I just Mad Libbed the first sentence of the previous review to create the start of this one. The similarities extend to other parts of the plot, in this case the villains are also seeking energy. However, there are a few key differences. In Sailor Moon there is also an element of team formation that is present throughout the volume. This at least allows for some development and interplay of characters (although this is fairly minimal). Also there are few items that are being sought after and often they will follow leads to other objects that end up not being what they want. When comparing this to Sailor V, the book is a little more fun and easy going. This is a significant improvement over the earlier work. The translation issues are not nearly as prevalent as they were in Sailor V, almost the point where I didn’t notice. There is more of a building plot with the quest for the gem and trying to find out more about Tuxedo Mask.

I will be reading Sailor Moon for a while and I hope that it remains enjoyable.

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