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Antarctic Researchers Race Time and Winter for Science

Posted on 04 February 2012 by DM

Scientists race the oncoming Antarctic Winter to uncover a mysterious and buried ancient lake. At 7 days out of communication, their fate remains unclear.  I need to make this clear.  How do I make this clear? This is not a movie.  This is not a pitch for a movie.  This is actually happening right now.

A team from Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research institute has been digging for the last few months in an effort to reach a vast but deep (13 thousand feet) Lake Vostok.  With the very dangerous and even more very imminent Antarctic winter heading their way, this has become a time is of the essence kind of science expedition.  Apparently, Antarctic winter will begin on February 6 and temperatures will drop 40 degrees centigrade.  The stations location boasts the lowest temperatures on the planet at -129 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore, it is a bit understandable that people would be worried that they have been out of communication for 7 days.  If the winter temperatures began early, it could be a death sentence for the expedition.

I am quite sure that the scientists would find their risks well worth taking however.  It has been 20 million years since the lake has been exposed to air.  There are discoveries waiting that will keep scientists of many fields busy for decades. There are mysteries in that lake.  I will admit though that I am more interested right this moment in the mystery of what happened to the scientists.  Here is to hoping that they are merely on their way back and did not tell anyone.



20 Million Year Old Lake Beneath Antarctica Is About to Be Uncovered

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