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Being a Better Geek: Farscape Episodes 13-15

Posted on 23 June 2012 by VinnieAve

Vin’s Take

Rhapsody in Blue

This episode had some nice visuals. I liked the way that they portrayed the union of two beings. It was nice to see them delve a little into everyone’s past (mostly Zhann and Crichton). We get to really start to understand what Zhaan did to get herself in prison. It was interesting to get a little background into her priesthood. Not exactly a great story however.

Jeremiah Crichton

There are two things that are notable about this episode. First it clearly establishes that the cast is one solid team now, not just a bunch of people thrown together. The rest of this episode is crap. Utter crap with some of the silliest outfits we’ve seen in a show that I am pretty sure is built out of silly outfits. Beyond just silly costumes we had a pretty overly obvious stab at religion from the writers. This is common ground for sci-fi and I don’t usually mind it but it was pretty ham-fisted.

Durka Returns

This is the first episode that is a real follow-up to another. A while ago we had Rygel confront his past, well now that corpse that he confronted wasn’t actually the corpse of the person he thought and now he’s back. Not the best. Although it looks like we are geting a new character out of this one so that might keep the story from getting to much in a rut, I hope this works out in the last stretch of the season. This rounded out a pretty average week overall.

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