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Spoiler Alert 6 Week of 9/7/11

Posted on 08 September 2011 by DM

Detective Comics 1
Everything old is new again.  Like Action Comics, we seem to be starting a bit in the past when the Gotham Police are severely anti Batman and the Joker is an unknown quantity. Not too many spoilers to be had in this issue since it is a reintroduction to the book.  Joker is up to no good and seems to be multiple steps ahead of the Batman.  Gordon is still working with Batman but I am unsure of how he is doing it secretly with a gigantic spotlight on his roof.  Joker’s plot involves having the Dollmaker do a little work on his face.  We will have to wait and see how it continues.

The Skinny: Batman is reasonably new at this and it shows.  This harkens to the best part of the new films and of the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Read this.  Read it a lot.

Action Comics 1
Taking me back to when I watched Superman as a kid, we have a Superman who is no longer unstoppable except via kryptonite.  Five(ish) years ago we have a Superman who can leap buildings in a single bound and match the speed of trains (and does so). Superman has begun his own brutal vigilante campaign based on human rights within Metropolis by showing up at the doorstep of anyone who treats people in a less than proper fashion to the point where a man is dropped in the river with several bones broken for beating his wife.  Taking exception to this, the government hires Lex Luther to capture Superman, which he does at the conclusion of the issue.

The Skinny: This is a Superman I can get behind.  Hell, this is a Superman that Batman can get behind. I look forward to seeing whether the character that Morrison is fashioning will be maintained in other Superman appearances.

Batgirl 1
There is a lot going on in this book for not much going on in this book.  While they are not being super forthcoming, my take on what is going on with Barbara Gordon is that, while Joker did shoot her and paralyze her, she was not Batgirl at the time of the “home invasion”.  It is an interesting take.  Babs does seem new at the hero game, but has some reasonable tech.  Her technological skills seem still be high still too.  I wonder how she connects to the rest of the bat world.

The Skinny: I think the first issue was weak due to all the exposition dealing with her paralysis and miraculous recovery.  I trust Gail Simone though and I will go where she leads.  BTW, it is uncertain on whether there is any time displacement on this book like there seems to be in some others.  Time will tell.

X-Men 17
Dr. Doom betrays everyone.  I will put on my shocked expression.  I felt that even with dooms help they really should not have been able to catch Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Sue Storm unawares like that but whatever, I am not going to spite them for using their plot device.

The Skinny: I loved the interaction between the FF and the X-men.  You have some comedy, head bashing, and obligatory primitive land hot blond in a cheetah print bikini.  What’s not to love?

X23 14
I have been following this book for a while and it is considerably more interesting than I thought it would be.  This issue is no different.  The interaction between Laura and the FF is entertaining (I am starting to see a pattern in this week’s books) but I am disappointed that we do not get to see more interaction between Valeria and Laura.  This one has to do with former possessors of the uni-power so if you liked those storylines you will be pleased.

The Skinny: Like I said, I have been enjoying this book.  If you like Gambit and sullen girls with healing factors and claws then you might too.

X-Men Legacy 254
Rogue made it to the other end of the galaxy but managed to split the party up pretty well.  Apparently, the Shiar are in a civil war with some of their protectorate species and its providing ample opportunity for people on the same side who have been separated to protect opposing sides.  I had forgotten that Magneto had a vested interest in coming since his daughter was with the Starjammers as well.  Magneto has a reasonable scene where he gets to show off.

The Skinny: Not one of the better issues but needed to get us to some better ones.  I still look forward to the next one.

Morning Glories 12
We get a new character out of this issue.  Ms. Daramount’s sister is back from somewhere and we find out there is a probability that they are the Headmaster’s daughters in some fashion or another.  She sees all the glories in turn with one exception and we get to find out that Miss Hodge is not exactly a fan of the academy herself.  At least that is how she markets herself.

The Skinny: I love this book and I have not stopped loving this book in any way, shape, or form since it came out.  My only problem is the issues go so quickly that I am left craving more for a month.

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Spoiler Alert 4: Week of 8/10/11

Posted on 11 August 2011 by DM

This week’s comics had some ups and downs.  Don’t worry if I did not cover it, it does not mean it sucks just that I was tired of typing.

New Mutants 29 (Fear Itself tie-in)
OK to start I am really getting tired of these books coming out twice a month. Poo poo were marvel if you want to pay 2.99 for a book you better expect two a month so you have to pay 6.00 a month.  ~rant mostly done.  On to the book.  So Nate Grey is a part of the team and apparently the whole losing his powers thing had made him regress to a chip on the shoulder teenager again because he is quite irritable.  This book has us going back to Dani’s Norse connections (I know, I know, just when you thought it was safe to stop thinking about the supernatural New Mutants go and do it again) with Hela.  It honestly has an Army of Darkness feel to it with some of the joking dialogue and Doug’s little incantation snafu.  All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

Concluding Thoughts: Rant aside, New Mutants seems to be one of the overworked 2.99 books that is holding its own.  The stories do seem somewhat short and incomplete though.  If you like the characters, give it a try.  Otherwise, I would probably steer clear until Marvel gets its head on straight.

Amazing Spider-man 667 (Spider Island)
It felt like too much of this issue was spoiled already via the Daily Bugle teaser book, however, I am willing to forgive Marvel that if it means that we get an epic spider-man story the live on in the annals of Spider-Man lore.  We start with Peter’s girlfriend Carlie revealing that she has spider powers.  She has never been my favorite character but I really enjoyed her reaction to gaining the powers because it felt so true to how the common person would respond.  The Jackal has revealed himself in full, gathering any person of the criminal persuasion who has obtained spider powers and forming his own gang.  Giving them various spider-man costumes, he sends them out to besmirch Peter’s good name and separate him from his allies, because who can tell who is looking at them from behind the mask.

Concluding Thoughts: The first issue of Spider Island is over and while I thought it was a mediocre issue in general, it was a reasonable first issue to a prolonged storyline.  Pick this up so we can ride the Spider Island train together.

Spider Island Deadly Foes (SI tie-in)
In general a good tie-in with some important story facts.  To start, apparently this issue takes place after ASM 667 and Peter has revealed himself as one of the people in the city who has gained spider powers.  I knew they paid him the big bucks in that glorified think tank for something.  Also, Randy Robertson has fallen off the spider power tree and hit every branch on the way down.  Taking on Hobgoblin and barely winning, he discovers Norah Winter’s true priorities and leaves her to be scooped up by Phil Urich.  The Second story within this issue focuses on Warren Miles aka the Jackal and insanities pre spider island.  Deciding to give Kaine another chance, he digs Kaine’s corpse up just after it was interred and does that voodoo the Jackal does so well turning him into some sort of tarantula man monstrosity.  Poor Kaine, I had such high hopes for him.  Being blessed with not having followed most of the clone storyline, I was still able to follow its basics thanks to reasonable recapping.  The issue ends with Miles getting a new batch of Peter’s blood and the idea for Spider Island from a mysterious benefactor.

Concluding Thoughts: I would venture to say that this issue is a better quality that ASM 667.  However, that leaves me worried about how many tie-ins the reader will have to collect to follow the storyline appropriately.  Time will tell, and in the meantime pick this one up spider fans.

Spider Island Cloak and Dagger

I will be the first to admit that I have never been a huge follower of Cloak and Dagger.  That said, I really thought this was a nice book.  The writer captured the point of view for the characters really well and the art is spot on.  This book considers Spider Island as an afterthought and I am perfectly OK with that.  Really, it seems like a story to catch Cloak and Dagger up from all the crap they have been through in other books and land them into some sort of stability.  I almost find myself hoping for a Cloak and Dagger book to come out after all this Spider Island Jazz.  One last thought: I look forward to seeing how Mister Negatives interact with the powers of light and darkness.  Don’t let me down writers.

Concluding Thoughts: This is not required reading for Spider Island followers but obviously is for any Cloak and Dagger or Mister Negative fans.  I think it is going to be a good story and I cannot help but recommend following it.

Red Robin 26

The concluding issue of Red Robin ends like it started, with Tim Drake proving that he is every bit the Batman’s heir in intelligence, martial skills, forethought, and obsession.  He also proves that he may not have inherited his adoptive father’s moral compass. With the last issue we pinch off a storyline that has been plaguing Tim Drake for years, the murder of his father by Captain Boomerang.  Laying out an intricate mousetrap for Digger, Red Robin almost leads him to his own demise.  Unable to follow through with murder, through another’s hand or by his own, Red Robin sends Captain Boomerang back to prison.  This leads me us to a situation that points out the main difference between Dick Grayson Batman and Bruce Wayne Batman.  Without knowing more about the situation, Dick accepts the best out of Tim and offers sympathy.  Bruce, waiting in the shadows, knows the situation better and takes Tim to task for plotting out the situation that could very well have led to Captain Boomerang’s demise.  As perhaps is fitting, Red Robin is left with a question of who he is and what he is willing to sacrifice to make things the way he feels they should be.

Concluding Thoughts: If you appreciated the first year of Red Robin, tune in for the last issue. It is definitely worth it.

Booster Gold 47

The Flashpoint storyline for Booster Gold is wrapped up and I find myself thinking it is an irony that the book about a time traveler did not take enough time to tell the story.  The pacing of this book felt rushed and it ends with more questions than it started with, or at the very least the same questions.  It feels like lazy writing at the end because at the end the relaunch will sweep all these questions under the carpet.  I love Booster and I enjoyed this issue but its lazy enough writing that I feel apt in being lazy about spoilers given.

Concluding Thoughts: Where the fuck is Skeets?

Flashpoint Deadman and the Flying Graysons 3

This book has gotten better with each issue and its conclusion holds true.  The cover puts us in the mood and once we open it we are hip deep in the action.  One by one heroes are picked off as the Amazons, led by Starfire, attempt to take the Helm of Nabu. Finally, when only Boston Brand and Dick remain, fate happens and Boston Brand is struck down. This is the kicker though.  He is truly Deadman now, but we have seen such selfish and egotistical sides from him, can he swallow it all and be the better man in death than he was in life once again.  The answer is obvious and with Deadman’s help, Dick gets the Helm to safety and declares himself the new Dr. Fate.

Concluding Thoughts: I was really sure that Dick or Boston would put on the Helm within the book but alas, it was not to be.  My suspicion is that this was a purposeful call to keep somewhat normal people fulfilling an extraordinary task.  The embodiment of who and what Dick Grayson is.  If I have to tell you to buy it now, then you have obviously had your head up your ass the last few months.


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