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Best of 2015!

Posted on 25 January 2016 by VinnieAve

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Star Wars: A Comic Book Return to Where it Started

Posted on 09 January 2013 by VinnieAve

I realize that I have yet to talk about the recent Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, so I will be addressing some of that topic in this review of the new comic simple titled Star Wars. There are long been Star Wars comics, but this is first time I was even vaguely excited by one. Until know they all dealt with characters I didn’t know or time periods that were way off from what I knew and loved. This time it’s different, this time were are in 0 ABY. To take that out of nerdy, right after A New Hope takes place.

This comic is not really a story in and of itself, it feels much more like a prologue to what could be a decent tale. We start with Luke, Leia and Wedge going out and trying to find a new base for the rebellion, they got shot down by Imperials, meanwhile Darth Vader is sent off on some mission. Nothing really great or interesting happens, until the end that is. Mon Mothma decides to call Leia in and tell her there is a spy on in the Rebellion. This gives me hope for better issues in the coming months.

I don’t know if other people have this problem but the cool thing about Leia is not that she is an action hero but that she is competent political leader. This comic decides she is going to more of an action hero and the end suggests she is going to be a spy not a political leader like she was before the destruction of Alderaan. The strong action hero is a trope that is played out too much. I would love to see a Leia heavy that focuses on treaty negotiation and have the other characters like Luke and Han focus on espionage. I would like a see a good space political drama somewhere at this point, TV has failed me, anime has failed me in recent year, I look to you comics to do this.

I said I would give a few words on the state of Star Wars as I see it. This is of course of comic from a franchise that is now owned by the same people who own Marvel. I don’t know how many more Dark Horse Star Wars titles we will see. That being said (and keeping in mind that Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG is taking place in the same period) I think there might be some guiding hand pushing works toward the time period that made many of us fans. I think that for those two media but any new films cannot be treading the same ground those have to go new places with new characters, or else it will just be a celebration of us, not a welcoming party for the newest class of Star Wars fans like it should be.

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Get off Joss Whedon’s Dick

Posted on 04 May 2012 by VinnieAve

First caveat: I have not yet seen The Avengers. I had an exam at 9 AM this morning so that prevented a midnight show. I will be seeing it soon though.

I read an article yesterday saying that should Star Wars get remade, Joss Whedon should do it. While I don’t think its a bad idea, he wouldn’t be me first choice. I think the idea of getting a fanboy to make a hypothetical Star Wars re-whatever might not be best. Its would just keep twisting and warping a tribute to a previous era of Scifi. Star Wars was made because George Lucas couldn’t make a Flash Gordon film. He wanted to do a re-whatever. Instead he made an “original work” that was build on a foundation of love that he had for film. We all know it took for a billion sources. Most great sci-fi/fantasy works do. If you watched Game of Thrones this past week you might of caught a Dune reference. This rant is getting a little off the road. Joss Whedon is the internet’s paramour, get over it Firefly will never come back. He’s talented, he’s doing good work, he has The Avengers, that does not mean that everything that comes out now has to have his involvement. He contributed to the fucked-up shit fest that was Alien Resurrection.

Also I admit that we will see a new Star Wars movie within the next 15 years. That doesn’t mean that GL will give up his child, and I am sure he will be one of those people who will designate an heir or block all work all together. What the hell would Joss Whedon’s Star Wars look like. He’s so built in cultural references that Star Wars would quickly devolve from a love note to scifi to a parody of what we love. I may take this all back after seeing The Avengers but I don’t think that Whedon is the right person for this job. No let’s all go watch A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back and remember why this conversation is happening at all.

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Star Wars 3D isn’t for the Fans, its for the Kids

Posted on 12 February 2012 by VinnieAve

I am not proud to admit this but I saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace this weekend. The movie still sucked (although it sucked less, due to a well-placed nap between Darth Maul Fights), the 3D wasn’t done too well. If you liked this film you are wrong or young and will learn soon enough that this film sucks. It wasn’t until I got to the end of the film and I all the kids in the audience got up and gave applause, now it seemed that these kids ranged in age from 8-12. So most of these kids were born after this movie came out the first time and now they get to see it in theaters.

I have to assume that most of these kids are fans of Star Wars, many of them I assume have grown up watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and even though it look me too long to start watching it after the travesty of the 2008 Clone Wars film (although I am proud to say that I saw it in theaters), when I was a kid I just had the three movies and there was no real effort to make new fans out of kids. I might not have liked the film and the group of people I went with didn’t like it but the huge group of kids who got to this see this film on the big screen got an experience that I hope they don’t forgot it, personally, I can’t wait to see Episodes IV, V and VI in a few years but next year we have sand, which is so grainy and gets everyone it’s not like you, you’re smooth and soft.

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30 days in: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Posted on 29 January 2012 by Jessica Dunn

So, yesterday I just got the email letting me know that my Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) account was just renewed. It made me realize that I’ve been playing this game for a month now and it might be a good point to talk a little bit about it, now that I’ve really gotten a chance to feel it out. Continue Reading

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Over-Saturation of a Franchise: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted on 09 January 2012 by DM

It has been a while since I put finger to key and for my first foray in the new year, I wanted to write about something that has crossed my mind, as well as many others, which is proliferation of a work into every corner and crevice of entertainment and lifestyle items as possible. Now honestly the first thing that pops into my mind right now when I think of this is Game of Thrones.  Before anyone jumps on me too badly, it is just the first thing because of its recentness. No, we all know that if there was one thing that has been infused with our lives in a way that we may never escape, it is the Star Wars franchise.  Obviously, this saturation is not a new thing, but is it a good thing? Does it do affect a franchise in an inherently good or bad way? Alternatively, is it like so many things, it that it all depends on how it is done? Continue Reading

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